Are you looking to buy an air cooler to take on the summers? Of course, the summer in India is very tough. The temperature in some parts of India even escalates to 45 degrees Celsius. Certainly, you can’t tackle this much temperature with a fan, but not all people afford air conditioners. That is why air coolers are still selling widely across the country. Here we have a list of top 10 air coolers in India you could buy to fight the 2019 summers. Stay tuned for our list and find your favorite air cooler at an affordable price.

Top 10 Air Coolers in India

Evidently, air coolers are cost-effective cooling solutions. They don’t devour the electricity as an air conditioner does. At the same time, you get much comfort in your room with the evaporative air from a cooler. That is why air coolers are more of a necessity than a luxury to fight the summer in places where you have lower humidity. Obviously, air coolers are not good choices for the people in coastal areas, where humidity is normally higher.

The evaporative air coolers don’t work finely in places with higher humidity because air won’t take extra water there and so won’t cool down. In a dry climate, air coolers emit water in the surrounding air, which ends up in the cooling of the atmosphere. Hence, don’t forget to check humidity levels before buying an air cooler.

Top 10 Air Coolers in India – Buying Guide

You should consider a lot of factors before buying an air cooler. As said above, humidity is a common factor. It is also important that you should find the matching size. A small or personal air cooler is never enough to cool down a hall or a big room. For that, you should get a powerful desert cooler. Well, the speed of the fan, water storage capacity, water level controller, remote controller, and thickness of the pads are some other things to consider seriously. Each one of our list of the top 10 air coolers in India keeps these standards.

By the way, you should ensure better ventilation in your room to use an air cooler. Certainly, air coolers work ideally only when there is enough outside air in the room. A closed room is not fine for air coolers because it works on a process of passing the hot fresh air through the wet pads to release chilled air. An enclosed room has no fresh air. At the same time, to have more than enough airflow is also not good. That will only result in the presence of more hot air in the room, and resultantly, no cold air.

Types of Air Coolers

Certainly, there is a variety of air coolers on the Indian market based on various factors. Here we would like to classify the air coolers as per their applications. Thus, we mainly have four types of coolers; desert, personal, tower, and window. As you see, all the air coolers work on the same principle of passing hot air through the soaked pads. However, each of the above types has different purposes when it comes to the application.

Desert Air Coolers

These are normally bigger air coolers. They are designed for outdoor use with a tank capacity of 60 to 80 liters. Similarly, it equips a rather big fan, pump, and other components to ensure the flow of more cold air. Ideally, it is used to cool down big rooms like halls, restaurants, events, and prayer halls. Indeed, a desert air cooler has got castor wheels to let you easily move it from one place to the other.

Personal Air Coolers

It is simply a small air cooler meant for the use in bedrooms, living rooms, and small offices. The tank capacity of a personal air cooler is typically around 30 liters. And instead of a fan, it features a blower and it has a small pump. A major downside of the personal cooler is that it is not capable to give cooling for a group of people. A person could sit in front of it and enjoy the chilled air in an office, bedroom, living room, and etc.

Tower Air Coolers

Technically, a tower air cooler has no difference with a personal air cooler. This is exactly the same device, but it has got a tower-shape and so you could use it in rooms with space constrictions. Moreover, its fan or blower appears at a higher level, offering you rather comfort while sitting in an office or sleeping in the bed. Like the personal coolers, you could easily move them anywhere thanks to the castor wheels.

Window Air Coolers

As the name suggests, they are the air coolers for permanent fixing on your windows. A window air cooler is like a window air conditioner, but it is highly cost-efficient as long as it consumes electricity only one-tenth of an AC. The tank capacity of a normal window cooler is around 50 liters, but you could directly connect it to the home water tank for continuous water supply with a hose. Meanwhile, if you have a trolley, you could move it smoothly from one place to the other.

Top 10 Air Coolers in India

We would like to include all four types of air coolers on our list of the top 10 air coolers in India 2019. Our team of researchers has prepared the list after detailed study. So, hope our list would be much helpful for you to find your favorite air cooler to fight summers this year. Stay tuned for the list of the best air coolers in India.

1. Bajaj Glacier DC 2016 67-Liter Room Cooler

Well, we would like to start the listicle with a top-seller desert air cooler from Bajaj. This is a 67-liter air cooler that could cool down a room of up to 750 Sq. Ft. Notably, it features easily removable wood wool pads. They appear on the three sides of the cooler to offer enhanced cooling experience. The 200-watt machine is also inverter compatible so you could enjoy cool air even if there is a power cut.

Though a larger device with a size of 64 x 55 x 111 cm, you could easily move it from one room to the other, thanks to the included castor wheels. For better cooling, you could also use ice cubes in its tank. By the way, the air cooler is made of corrosion-free thermoplastic, which guarantees enhanced durability, for sure.

Of course, being a desert air cooler, it is an amazing pick for cooling large rooms like halls, banks, restaurants, and offices. It is also moderately priced and highly cost-efficient. It needs only a fraction of the electricity that an air conditioner needs.  So, anybody who looks to realize an energy efficient cooling solution could go for this Bajaj product. That is why we have it as one of the top 10 air coolers in India.

Why Should You Buy

  • Large 75-Liter Desert Air Cooler.
  • Capable to Cool Down a Room Up to 750 Sq. Ft.
  • 200-Watt Cooler and Inverter Compatible.
  • Wood Wool Cooling Pads.
  • 90-Feet Powerful Bed-Level Air Flow.
  • Caster Wheels for Easy Portability.

2. Cello Marvel Plus 60 Liter Air Cooler with Remote

The next item on our list of the top 10 air coolers in India comes from Cello. It is also a desert air cooler that is ideal for larger rooms, conference halls, and banquet halls. As you see in the title, the Cello Marvel Plus is a 60-liter air cooler with a capacity to cool down a room up to 800 Sq. Ft. Plus, it is a 180W device that is compatible with an inverter. Its air delivery range is 5000m3 per hour and you have got a 3-speed motor to run the fan.

There is indeed something unique with the design of this mega-size air cooler. The company has followed an international styling to designing the cooler. Further, it highlights effective honeycomb cooling pads. You have the water inlet on the front side and the integrated castor wheels let you move it around anywhere easily.

The air cooler is built with good quality plastic and other materials. It has got a size of 62 x 42.5 x 105.0 cm, but you could move it easily without a trolley thanks to the integrated wheels. You also get a remote-less variant of the device at a cheaper price. By the way, coming to the popularity, this is indeed one of the top 10 air coolers in India as it has got a lot of takers across the country and better reviews, of course.

Why Should You Buy

  • Large 60-Liter Desert Air Cooler.
  • Capable to Cool Down a Room Up to 800 Sq. Ft.
  • 180-Watt Cooler and Inverter Compatible.
  • Effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads.
  • Remote Controller Included.
  • Caster Wheels for Easy Portability.

3. Symphony HiCool i 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote

This is the first personal air cooler on our list of the top 10 air coolers in India. The Symphony product is rich with a lot of advanced features including remote control, multi-stage air purification, empty water tank alarm, feather touch control panel, and etc. First of all, what you get is a 180-watt device that could carry 31 liters of water to provide you cold air in a small room like an office, bedroom, or living room. Follow the link below to order a unit of the HiCool i air cooler from Symphony.

Remarkably, the air cooler features Symphony’s much-touted iPure air purification technology. As said above, this a multistage purification process that filters out smell, allergy, dust, bacteria, and wash. Thus, what you get from the Symphony air cooler is really fresh air in your room. Further, the device features the advanced Dura-Pump and SMPS technologies, which help the pump live longer with protection against voltage variations.

What’s more, the air cooler also highlights a System Restore Function. As its name suggests, it is a technology that helps you remember and restore the earlier settings to save time and effort. Above all, the much-required empty water tank alarm makes a 5-second beep to let you know when to refill the water tank. Meanwhile, the size and weight of the cooler are handy and so you could easily move it on its built-in castor wheels.

Why Should You Buy

  • 180-Watt Personal Air Cooler
  • 31-Liter Water Tank Capacity.
  • Full Function Intelligent Remote.
  • iPure Multistage Air Purification.
  • Dura-Pump and SMPS for the Long Life of Pump.
  • Empty Water Tank Alarm.
  • System Restore Function.

4. Orient Electric SmartCool 20 Liters Air Cooler

Next, on our list of top 10 air coolers in India, we have Orient’s top-seller personal air cooler. Well, the Orient SmartCool air cooler is indeed a nice product with a lot of lovely features. First off, it is a 20-liter air cooler with a motor of 145 watts. Notably, it has unique DenseNest Honeycomb pads, which offer 25% more cooling and 45% more water retention, as per its maker. Use the button below to buy a unit of the air cooler.

Meanwhile, inside the cooler, you have a high-performance motor for better flow of air. Thus, the device offers you an air delivery of 1300 m3/hr with 4-way cooling options. You could control its motor speed in three steps; high, medium, and low. Design-wise, the Orient product has a very stylish look, making it a piece of attraction.

By the way, the materials used to build the air cooler are of good quality. Orient has used rust-proof high gloss ABS body for better durability. At the same time, the included dust filter inside the cooler ensures you clean air without pollen. Finally, it is also an inverter compatible air cooler so you could run it even during power cuts.

Why Should You Buy

  • 20-Liter Water Tank Capacity.
  • 145-Watt Personal Air Cooler.
  • DenseNest Honeycomb Pads for Better Cooling.
  • High-Performance Motor for Better Air Flow.
  • Rust-proof High Gloss ABS Body.
  • Inverter Compatible Air Cooler.

5. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

Here is another top-seller air cooler from Bajaj. This is a personal air cooler with a tank capacity of 36 liters. It could neatly cool down a room up to 150 Sq. Ft and the air throw distance it offers is 30 feet. Moreover, it has a chill trap technology that could deliver an effective distribution of the cold air in the room with a decently powerful air delivery rate of 1300 meter cube an hour. Overall, you get yet another brilliant air cooler from Bajaj for your bedrooms, small offices, and etc. Follow the button below to order a unit of the device.

The compact Bajaj air cooler is also made of durable materials for a long life. The maker has made use of the corrosion-free thermoplastic to build its case so it would be long-lasting, for sure. Thanks to the built-in castor wheels, you could move it around your home easily. By the way, inside the cooler, you have got a great motor that works without much noise. Yet another attraction is its four-way air distribution system.

Furthermore, it features honeycomb cooling pads that appear on the three sides to offer the best results. The overall size of the air cooler is 45.5 x 43.5 x 82 cm. So, you could place it anywhere in your bedroom, office, or living room without being a hindrance. Getting through its customer reviews, let us see that it is certainly one of the top 10 air coolers in India since it has attracted a lot of positive reviews on all leading retail sites.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100-Watt Energy Efficient Air Cooler.
  • 36-Liter Water Tank Capacity.
  • Capable to Cool Down a Room Up to 150 Sq. Ft.
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads on Three Sides.
  • Castor Wheels for Easier Mobility.
  • Perfect for Bedrooms, Offices, and Living Rooms.

6. Symphony Diet 50i Tower Air Cooler

The next is a top-seller tower air cooler. It is Symphony’s Diet 50i tower cooler. This is, in fact, one of the top air coolers in India 2019 with a lot of takers and good customer reviews. Thanks to its height, it could clearly cover a room as extensive as 57 m3. That means, it is a perfect choice for a larger room. The device only consumes 170W power, at the same time. Meanwhile, it could store 50 liters of water in its tank. Follow the button below to order a unit of the Symphony tower air cooler at an affordable price.

Indeed, you get the tower air cooler with all the advanced features that the other Symphony air coolers offer. They mainly include the iPure multistage air purification technology, a System Restore function, Honeycomb cooling pads, and a full function remote control. Besides, it equips the castor wheels to make it movable. So, you could drag the long tower air cooler from one room to the other easily.

Anyway, the great thing with a tower air cooler is its capability to adjust and accommodate in a limited room. With its size of just 36.3 x 36 x 131.5 cm, you could easily place the Symphony Diet 50i tower air cooler in a small corner of your living or bedroom. And enjoy the comfort of cold air in whole the room, of course.

Why Should You Buy

  • 50 Liter Water Tank.
  • 170W Tower Air Cooler.
  • iPure Multistage Air Purification Technology.
  • System Restore Function.
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads.
  • Full Function Remote Control.

7. Crompton Mystique Tower Air Cooler

We have another outstanding tower air cooler from the famous brand, Crompton. Branded as Mystique tower air cooler, this is an interesting product with a stylish dual tone body. It is an ideal pick for a room with a size of up to 165 Sq. Ft. Thus, the 20-liter air cooler works fine in small rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and etc. If you love this product, follow the button below to buy a unit at a great price.

Well, the Crompton Mystique air cooler is a 130W device and so is highly energy efficient. Yes, it consumes less electricity to cool down your living spaces perfectly. By the way, the cooler features an air delivery of 1400m3 per hour and an air throw up to 23Ft. It features wood wool cooling pads on all three sides. The overall size of the device is 38 x 37 x 99.5 cm and you can easily move it in your home thanks to the castor wheels.

Why Should You Buy

  • 20 Liter Water Tank.
  • 130W Tower Air Cooler.
  • Dual Tone Body and Stylish Look.
  • Castor Wheels for Better Movability.
  • Wood Wool Cooling Pads.

8. Maharaja Whiteline Blizzard Tower Cooler

Maharaja’s Whiteline Blizzard is indeed one of the top 10 air coolers in India. This tower air cooler has a 20-liter water tank and it could deliver enough air to cool down a room up to 160 Sq. Ft. It offers a high air delivery of 1000 m3 per hour and is supplemented by a decent air throw of 33 feet. You can adjust its fan speeds in three levels; high, medium and low. The tall air cooler is a perfect choice for your living room, bedroom, office, and other small rooms. Follow the button below to order a unit of the Whiteline Blizzard tower cooler.

What is special with the Maharaja Whiteline tower air cooler is the included anti-bacterial water tank. So, you get really fresh air in your rooms. The motor is a low-noise one, making it extremely silent in operation. And it is a 150-watt one and so won’t consume much more electricity. Meanwhile, the Honeycomb cooling pads and a shockproof body are some other attractions of this tower air cooler.

By the way, like all similar products, it features castor wheels to facilitate its movability. Hence, you can simply move the air cooler indoors and enjoy brilliant cooling effect anywhere. The overall size of the air cooler is 36 X 37 X 97 cm. The build materials are of high quality and they could ensure better durability and life, for sure.

Why Should You Buy

  • 20-Liter Anti-Bacterial Water Tank.
  • 150W Tower Air Cooler.
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads.
  • Shockproof Case for Better Durability.
  • Perfect for Bedrooms and Office.

9. Cello Swift 50 Ltrs Window Air Cooler

This is the first window air cooler on our list of the top 10 air coolers in India. The Cello machine features a compact and modern design with the capability to provide you all-round cooling in a big room. It is indeed a powerful mega size cooler with 18-in fan blades. The 50-liter air cooler could easily cool down a room of 700 Sq. Ft by offering an air delivery of 2000m3 per hour and supplemented by an air throw up to 45Ft. Use the button below to buy a unit of the window air cooler.

Well, if you are looking to create a winter-like atmosphere in your room cost-effectively, a window air cooler is a nice way. With such a powerful blower and strong airflow, this Cello device is a fine choice. Meanwhile, see, it is only a 200-watt appliance, which means it consumes only a fraction of the electricity that an air conditioner requires. But you would still get a cold atmosphere in your room, for sure.

Fine, the Cello Swift air cooler features a size of 67.5 x 55 x 98.5 cm. And it comes with a trolley to let you carry it somewhere hassle-free. You could quickly install the air cooler on your window permanently or temporarily. Whatever the case, it should get enough outer air to provide you with the fresh air inside. The device features good quality wood wool cooling pads to filter the hot air and convert it into the chilled form.

Why Should You Buy

  • 200W Window Air Cooler.
  • 50-Liter Water Tank.
  • Perfect for Permanent Window Installation.
  • Powerful Blower and Strong Airflow.
  • 2000m3/hr Air Delivery and 45 Feet Air Throw.
  • Trolley Included for Moving the Cooler.

10. Havells Brina Window Air Cooler

Finally, we have a window air cooler from Havells on our list of the top 10 air coolers in India. It is a stylish 50-liter air cooler that offers higher air delivery and airthrow to quickly realize a cold atmosphere inside your room during the hot summer days. Like all similar window air coolers, it has got a powerful blower, a pump, and a fan. Plus, the Havells air cooler integrates a dust filter to simply filter out the outer air from dust and pollen. Follow the button below to buy a unit of the air cooler.

Moreover, the fully collapsible louvers of the air cooler don’t let dust and insects enter the cooler. That means you get really fresh air from the air cooler to have much comfort on the blistering summer days. Meanwhile, the unique auto drain feature of the cooler helps automatically drain the old and dirty water completely. The overall size of the window cooler is 64.7 x 56.5 x 57 cm and you could easily move it on a trolley.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful Window Air Cooler
  • 50 Liter Water Tank.
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads with Dust Filter.
  • Perfect for Large Rooms and Offices.
  • Stylish and Compact Design.
  • Automatic Auto Drain Feature.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the top 10 air coolers in India. As you see, we have classified the list with the popular models from all the four types of air coolers. Thus, you have the best personal, tower, desert, and window air coolers on our top 10 air coolers in India above. Hope it would help you much to find your favorite cooler.

There is actually a large variety of air coolers on the Indian market. Since the summer is quite tough in many parts of the country, people can’t tackle the situation without at least an air cooler. An air conditioner is really costly for most people for both its price and power bill. It is here you could find one from the top 10 air coolers in India to cool down your living spaces in the blistering summers.

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