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RNG Eko Green Tyre Inflator Review: Heavy-Duty Supersonic High Speed Tyre Inflator

Are you looking to buy a portable car tyre inflator? We have recently tested out a unit of RNG Eko Green’s tyre inflator – the Heavy Duty Supersonic High-Speed Tyre Inflator with LED. Of course, it is a brilliant product as it can inflate a car tyre in a matter of time. Well, it works on any 12V power supply like a carport or a car battery.

Meanwhile, thanks to the included extra nozzles, you could use it to refill other inflatables like the soccer balls, fitness balls, air mattresses, and etc. We have a hands-on RNG Eko Green tyre inflator review here.

The pump is obviously a great solution for emergency air leakage of your vehicle tyres. The lightweight and the highly portable inflator is applicable to all types of cars, bikes, mid-size trucks, and minibusses. Certainly, you can keep the 1.86KG machine in your vehicle and use it anywhere with no hassle. In case of an emergency air leakage, you can just connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter charger and pump air in a few minutes.

RNG Eko Green Tyre Inflator Review – All to Know About

Specs-wise, the RNG Eko Green inflator is a 180-watt pump that can offer an airflow of 45L per minute. As you see, this amount is enough to inflate a flat car tyre in about two minutes. Meanwhile, the maximum working pressure of the pump is 100 PSI and it works on a voltage of 12V. So you can connect it either to a carport or a 12V regular battery thanks to the included battery cable with alligator clips.

RNG Eko Green Tyre Inflator Review

Further, you have the pump with a bleeder valve so you can take out the extra air in the tyre. The most lovely thing, however, with the RNG Eko Green tyre inflator is the built-in LED light. With a sperate switch, you can turn on the light in case you need to inflate your car tyre in the nighttime. Yes, you don’t another light source.

Above all, it comes up with a number of additional utility nozzles to help you inflate other inflatables like a ball, bicycle, air mattress, and etc. Meanwhile, inside the pump, you have 100% copper winding. And it features an oil-less design and so it needs no regular maintenance. Stay with us to see our experience with the pump.

RNG Eko Green Tyre Inflator Review

Why Should You Buy

Next, on our RNG Eko Green Tyre inflator review, we would like to check the reasons why you should buy this product. Of course, you get different portable air pump compressors in India from various brands. However, we recommend this product for all your portable needs because of the below reasons.

1. Heavy-duty Air Pump for Car

Yes, as its title suggests, the RNG Eko Green tyre inflator is a heavy-duty model. Made of high-quality metal, plastic, and copper materials, this is an incredible product. At a glance, you will clearly feel its durability and stronger build. Once you hold it on its solid handle, you will feel it as a very compact and durable pump that you can use anywhere in the wild to inflate your car or two-wheeler tyres.

2. Highly Portable Air Inflator

Evidently, with just below 2KG, the RNG Eko Green tyre inflator is very much portable. In fact, you don’t always need to carry a portable air inflator in your hand. You can securely keep it in your vehicle. And once you meet an emergency air leakage, it will be largely helpful to you. Thanks to its handy and small design, it won’t take up much room in your car dicky or anywhere you store it.

3. Complete Air Inflator Kit

As said above, you get a full air inflator kit with the RNG Eko Green product. Along with the air pump, you get multiple nozzles for inflating other inflatables. Moreover, the pump itself sports an LED lighting option so you don’t need another light source in the darkness. Likewise, it comes with a battery cable with alligator clips so you can just connect it to any 12V battery in case your vehicle doesn’t have a cigarette lighter charger.

4. Popular Model of the Kind

Absolutely, when it comes to the RNG Eko Green tyre inflator review, we should check what other customers think about the product. Interestingly, the tyre inflator has got a good number of takers on all main retail sites in India. And the review and rating of the product are quite good, of course.

You can visit the Amazon page of the product here to see how other customers have accepted this product. So it will be rather nice for you to go for the best portable inflator pump for your car.

RNG Eko Green Heavy Duty Supersonic High-Speed Tyre Inflator with LED light

Our Experience

We would like to share our experience with the product in this part of the RNG Eko Green tyre inflator review. Of course, we are quite satisfied with the Amazon delivery and the product. It came in a very secure package and you also get a carrying bag for it. The shipping of the product was quite faster as it reached in a few days. We have had a great impression with the very solid and durable build of the RNG Eko Green tyre inflator.

Definitely, we tested the pump by refilling the tyre of our car soon after its delivery. It could take only around two minutes to inflate a flat Ford Figo tyre. Certainly, that is quite impressive as we could easily deal with any emergency air leakage on our future trips. Hopefully, now in case of a tyre puncture midway, we could make into a repair point effortlessly by temporarily refilling air. That makes it really an awesome inflator, for sure

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our RNG Eko Green tyre inflator review. This is unquestionably one of the best inflator pumps you could buy on the Indian market. As put it above, it has a good customer review and rating on all key retail sites. That is why we highly recommend this for all vehicle owners, especially regular travelers.

In fact, our RNG Eko Green tyre inflator review has been an attempt to share with you our experience with the product. As you see, we are perfectly satisfied with the way the air pump works. Anyway, if you have anything to tell about the product, make your comments below. And stay with us for more amazing tool reviews.

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