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Philips Vs Preethi Food Processors: What to Get for the Best Food Processing Experience

Are you looking at purchasing a food processor? Your search might have ended up in Philips HL7707 mixer grinder and Preethi Zodiac MG 218 mixer grinder. Definitely, these two are the leading competitors in the segment of food processors in India. Here goes our comparison of Philips Vs Preethi food processors.

To be frank, both the Philips and Preeti products are not full-blown food processors.

They are basically high-power mixer grinders with exclusive jars for the purpose of food processing. Surely, the included jars are fine for mixing, chopping, grating, and meeting other common food processing things along with the regular mixing and grinding activities.

Both the Philips and Preeti food processors are 750W appliances. But they differ with the number and type of jars and other attachments to become your favorite food processors. Stay tuned for our comparison below and so you can take a more strong buying decision.

Philips Vs Preethi Food Processors

Philips and Preeti are indeed two leading appliance brands in offering mixer grinders in India.

When it comes to food processors, Philips HL7707/00 is a famous model with a lot of takers. Meanwhile, Preeti has a handful of models under the Zodiac branding, and here we have taken its Zodiac MG 218 to pit against the Philips food processor.

They almost fall into the same category with pricing below INR. 10,000. As said above, they pack up 750W motors and almost similar jars and attachments. Most of the time, you will have forced to make a decision between these two models when you are out in the market in search of a food processor.

Philips HL7707 Mixer Grinder

The Philips mixer grinder is a sturdy machine with ideal performance. It comes with a specially designed 750W motor that can give you a great grinding and mixing experience by offering 20000 RPM.

The brand highlights the innovative design of the grinder. That helps the appliance last longer. The product accompanies a number of attachments, including ChefPro Bowl to make it a perfect food processor.


Well, ChefPro is a 2.2-liter jar, which with its easy-to-assemble accessories lets you mix, grind, chop, grate, slice, and knead various items. The accessories include quality blades, choppers, citrus press, and more.

The other jars in the bundle include a 1.5L wet jar, a 1L multi-purpose jar, a 0.5 chutney jar, and more. All the jars are made of quality ABS and the metal parts at stainless steel for longer use. They are indeed leak-proof and strong options.

The motor inside is a three-speed unit and you have a pulse option as it with any of the mixer grinders. The brand offers a motor warranty of five years and a motor warranty of two years.

Why Should You Buy

1. PowerChop Technology Fine Chopping Experience

The key feature of the Philips mixer grinder is its PowerChop technology. It is actually a combination of cutting angle, blade, and inner bowl that help you enjoy the best chopping experience ever. It also helps you mix your cake batters and prepare purées.

2. Gear Drive Technology for Low-Speed Processing

Well, you need to get a low-speed performance for perfect chopping, grating, kneading, slicing, and more. For this, the 20000 RPM motor needs to be slowed down. That is why the brand has set up a Gear Drive technology inside the ChefPro bowl for low-speed rotation.

3. Leak-Proof Jars and Quality Attachments

As said above, all the included jars are leak-proof units. Moreover, they are made of quality ABS and stainless steel so that you can prepare your food items with no leak. All the jars and their lids are strong and durable for a long lifespan.

4. Powerful 750W Motor

Of course, it is another amazing advantage of the mixer grinder. It comes with a powerful 750W motor that can ensure all-around efficiency for a better grinding and mixing experience.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

The Preeti product is another incredible mixer grinder in India. With a 750-watt motor, it is also a powerful machine with a number of jars, including a Master Chef jar for food processing purposes. You can use it to knead atta in one minute and to chop, slice, and grate items in a matter of time.

The built-in motor is called Vega 5 motor. As per the brand, it is one of the finest motors for mixer grinders as it can do the jobs quite faster and efficiently. It can grind turmeric in two minutes, for example. Check out the product on the link below at Amazon.


Moreover, along with its efficient performance, Vega 5 motor features a fast-cooling functionality. It makes the motor cool down in no time. The mixer grinder enjoys a stylish design with the art of sophistication. Its wing-like base and elegant color tone are things of attraction.

Among its jars are a 3-In-1 Insta fresh juicer and other regular jars for grinding and blending. Overall, you get one of the finest food processors with a range of exciting features that homeowners will love to have.

Why Should You Buy

1. Vega W5 Motor

As said above, the 750W Vega W5 motor is a key attraction of the Preeti mixer grinder. It is a very fast and efficient motor that can operate the machine quite impressively.

2. Master Chef Plus Jar

The food processor bowl of Preeti Zodiac is called Master Chef Plus. It is a high-quality jar with enough space to prepare a variety of your food items for kneading, chopping, grating, and more. It accompanies super sharp multi-functional blades, cutters, chopper, and more.

3. Three-in-One Insta Fresh Juicer

The included juice jar is a three-in-one Insta Fresh juicer. It can help extract the juice out of a variety of fruit items quite nicely. So, you can quickly prepare juices and enjoy a fresh experience.

4. Forefront Speed Controls Knob

Preethi Zodiac features a rotatory switch at the forefront with 3-speed options. You can easily manage the knob and ensure fast and quick performance in grinding, mixing, and food processing.

5. Stylish Design and Elegant Color

As said above, the Zodiac mixer grinder highlights a sophisticated and stylish design. With a combination of soothing tones and fine design, you get a really awesome piece of mixer grinder in your kitchen.

Philips Vs Preethi Food Processors – Price

When it comes to the specs, both the Philips and Preeti product almost fall into the same category. The Preeti has the advantage of having more jars and a more advanced juicer. And, of course, it is the priciest of the duo. You get it at a price of around INR 8000 on Amazon, while Philips has a selling price of INR 7000.

That is, there is a difference of INR 1000 between these two machines. By the way, Preeti has other pricey variants of its Zodiac food processors. The brand sells more than two Zodiacs with a price over INR 10,000 with added features and capabilities. We will soon cover the other Zodiac food processors on our blog.

Final Thoughts and Verdict

Hope you have enjoyed our take on the Philips Vs Preethi food processors. Of course, these machines are two very popular models of their kind on the Indian market, both having a lot of takers. We can’t simply show one as the winner as both have almost similar features and specs.

Regarding the price, the Philips is the cheaper, but it misses out on a jar. Meanwhile, design-wise, Preeti has a clear edge over its Philips variant. By the way, as per our experience in the use, Philips has got its jars so sturdy and strong that you can use roughly.

But the sad thing is that it is very noisy, especially when it operates with the food processor jar. Meanwhile, Preeti is also a little bit noisy, but its jars are not sturdy enough. The jars, especially their lids, look more fragile and so rough use may damage them over a period of time.

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