Oyo Nova Gym Equipment: All-in-One and Best Portable Weight Training Equipment Ever

What about a complete gym that fits in your hands? Of course, the upgraded Oyo Nova gym equipment is a great solution. Thanks to the patented SpiraFlex resistance technology, the Nova team has realized another incredible and more effective portable fitness equipment, which goes perfectly in your backpack.

Of course, it is the next evolution of the brand’s portable weight training device. The team is back with the new model to meet the large customer demand for higher resistance. The upgraded Nova Gym will surely turn out to be your favorite companion for weight training at home, office, or on a travel.

Well, the project has managed to achieve a huge response in its crowdfunding campaigns. It turned out to be the most funded fitness project on Kickstarter so far. Oyo Nova could attract around 50,000 backers on two leading crowdfunding platforms. That helped it collect as much as 9 million USD, as of writing this.

Oyo Nova All-In-One Gym Equipment

Oyo Nova Gym Equipment – An Overview

Oyo Nova is a piece of heavy-duty, portable gym equipment. Though weighing only 1.12Kg, it can offer you a resistance of up to 18Kg (40lbs), which is quite enough to do essential weight training in the comfort of your home. As you see, after the workout, you can fold it down to a small unit and take it anywhere.

As mentioned above, the core of Oyo Nova is SpiraFlex technology. It is a resistive workout technology that is originally developed by OYO Fitness founder Paul Francis for the NASA space station astronauts.

SpiraFlex is a technique of ensuring resistance for workouts without free weights. It works very smoothly and linearly as it is with a unit of free-weight gym equipment. But you need not load any weight discs.

Oyo Nova Portable Gym Equipment

Instead of weight discs, it contains multiple SpiraFlex FlexPacks. Each incremental pack can offer you a resistance of 4.5kg to take the maximum of up to 18kg in each of your hands. However, the whole gym equipment is so lightweight that you can carry it smoothly in your backpacks.

Moreover, the Oyo Nova gym equipment integrates quality Nylon-laminated stainless-steel cables. They will guarantee increased durability for the cool equipment. The included T-handles also feature steel, and they also highlight a good grip to let you easily endure higher resistance.

Key Features

  • The Best Portable Weight Training Equipment.
  • SpiraFlex Technology for Smooth and Easy Workouts.
  • Increased Resistance and Upgraded Design.
  • Four SpiralFlex FlexPacks for 18KG Resistance.
  • Nylon Coated Stainless-Steel Cables.
  • T-Handles with Steel Inserts and Good Grip.
  • Perfect Personal Gym Equipment for Home and Office.

Oyo Nova Gym Equipment Features

The Project and Availablity

As you know, Oyo Fitness is founded by Paul Francis, who invented the much-touted SpiraFlex resistance technology for a NASA project. Owning its patent, Francis established Oyo Fitness to incorporate SpiraFlex to small and portable fitness equipment for an enhanced workout experience at home or on the go.

Its first product – the original Oyo personal fitness equipment – made a record as the second most funded fitness product in crowdfunding. As of now, its new variant has broken the record to become the first most funded fitness product ever on Kickstarter. It also did quite well on Indiegogo.

All its products are available on Oyo Fitness website. The first generation Oyo equipment started at a price of around $125. We are not sure about the retail price of the new model, which carries a $159 early bird price on the crowdfunding platforms. We will update its retail links below when available.

Oyo Nova Gym Equipment Review

Final Words

Oyo Nova gym equipment is such an amazing home workout solution. You can do all basic gym workouts with the cool and handy equipment. Its resistive technology certainly lets you easily carry out the workouts for biceps, shoulders, triceps, abs, chest, wings, and more. Maybe, it is time we can all skip fitness club round-trips and enjoy workouts in an astonishing way at home or office.

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  1. This exercise equipment is excellent. It is convenient and fun. I am a health and exercise enthusiast. The OYO Personal Gym takes away all of the usual excuses that people come up with for not exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym. The gym is at your side. You don’t need a lot of space or dedicated area in your home.

    Thanks for the review brother!

  2. Nicely written article.
    One of the best equipment I came across. Convenient and easy to use. If you workout with Oyo Nova Gym Equipment you will love the way it feels easy and comfortable. Feel the gym at home.


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