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HaierTAB Tabot Robot Vacuum: Best Tangle-Free Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Are you looking for a smart robotic vacuum cleaner? There are, of course, a lot of robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. But many of them fail in effortlessly tackling the pet hair and long hair. This HaierTAB Tabot robot vacuum is a unique product. It equips an exclusive “hair killer” capability.

HaierTAB Tabot works on an advanced hair-cutting razor principle. Its roller incorporates the blade to chop off the tangled hair instantly. Of course, it will guarantee you a quick and effective cleaning experience in your household, where the hair is always the mortal enemy of regular robotic vacuum cleaners.

HaierTAB features strong suction power. With a 3200Pa of suction, it can perfectly eliminate the dirt off the floors. It can even lift steel balls and ransack carpet fibers for dust. If you are in search of an ideal robotic vacuum cleaner for picking up after your kids and pets, HaierTAB is certainly the right option.

HaierTAB Tabot Robot Vacuum Features

HaierTAB Tabot Robot Vacuum

It is actually a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and mop. Of course, to completely remove the floor dirt, vacuuming is not enough. You need to mop the surfaces to dislodge the dirt in its finest way. For that, the HaierTAB has got a 240ml water pressure tank with three levels of water adjustment to perfectly clean your floors.

Interestingly, the robotic vacuum also integrates a handheld mini vacuum cleaner. You can instantly detach it from its main body, and use it to clean the nooks and crannies of your home individually. The equipment has also its dust box, battery, and exhaust fan combined together into its cute and modular form.

Above all, Tabot has got an intelligent brain. It can smartly travel across your rooms for complete cleaning. In its process, it uses very little energy but cleans your floors in the most effective way compared to many of its robotic vacuum rivals. That is why it turns out to be a really smart household cleaner.

Key Features

  • Tangle-Free Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop.
  • Powerful 3200Pa Suction to Lift the Dirt Perfectly.
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Anti-Winding Brush. 
  • Featuring an Exclusive Hair-Cutting Technology. 
  • Smart Brain to Clean Every Nook and Crannies. 
  • Detachable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. 

HaierTAB Tabot Robot Vacuum Specs

The Project and Availability

HaierTAB is a subsidiary of the key Chinese consumer electronics giant, Haier. The team behind the project launched it on Indiegogo for crowdfunding support. It could attract around half a million USD from nearly 1000 backers. It is expected for shipping by July 2020.

Coming to the price, it carried a price of $499 for its early bird unit on Indiegogo, but its original price was shown at $599 there. We are not sure if the product will be available on the public market. We will update the link below when it is available. By the way, check out the product on its official website here.

HaierTAB Tabot Robot Vacuum All to Know About

Final Words

Overall, the HaierTAB Tabot robot vacuum is a great way to clean your home. It can help stop wasting your time cleaning home. As Tabot will do the cleaning job automatically, you can spend more quality time with your family. That is how the robotic vacuum cleaner can make your life exciting. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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