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Best Telescopic Ladders in India: 6 Best Seller Telescopic Ladders for Homeowners

A ladder is certainly an essential piece of equipment in every household. We have already checked out a collection of the best ladders for home use in India, and here we go with a number of the best telescopic ladders in India. They are, of course, rather portable and easy-to-move contractible ladders.

In general, a telescopic ladder is an indoor-friendly ladder, which is collapsible to a compact size after use. That is indeed an incredible feature as it makes it rather convenient for homeowners to deal with the ladder in small spaces both indoors and outdoors alike.

A telescopic ladder is known for many of its impressive features. First of all, it is clearly an easy-to-handle and portable ladder, as mentioned above. Moreover, a majority of the telescopic ladders on the market are comparatively lighter than their regular alternatives.

Hence, you can smoothly handle the usage, transportation, and storage of a telescopic ladder. In addition, once pulled up, a telescopic ladder is typically lengthier than a normal ladder. Thus, you get a big easy-to-use-and-store ladder, which is simply expandable to help you climb up to more heights.

Best Telescopic Ladders in India

Several brands offer cool telescopic ladders in India. Our team of researchers has done detailed research to bring to you some of the best ladders. Based on many factors like the length, material quality, and brand value, we have a few models here, letting you find all the best telescopic ladders in India in a blog post.

Compared to regular ladders, the telescopic variants are a little bit pricier. It is simply because as part of strengthening their telescopic design, these ladders are made of quality materials. But for a homeowner who seeks more comfort and easiness in using a  ladder, it may not be an expensive deal, though.

1. Equal Folding Telescopic Ladder

We are excited to start the list with a cool product from Equal. The company offers a series of telescopic aluminum ladders in different sizes. Here, we have the small 3.8-meter variant of the series. It has also got a 5-meter variant. This one is a very compact ladder though you can expand it to a pretty bigger one.

Well, it highlights an easy-to-use folding system. You can instantly expand and retract it and the included storage strap helps you keep it securely in a minimal room. Moreover, it is a very convenient ladder so that you can carry it around and keep it in your vehicle’s trunk as a portable ladder for anywhere use.

The ladder has a weight of around 10 kg, and it has a load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kgs. Its exclusive locking system makes you adjust the height of the ladder. Check out its latest price below.

Equal Folding Telescopic Ladder - 5.6m

As you see, it is made of sturdy aluminum. For additional safety, it features industrial-grade locking latches and rubber-tipped feet for anti-slippery. The rubber feet also prevent it from damaging your floor.

Moreover, the ladder keeps your fingers safe with ideal gaps between extension and lock. Overall, you get a good quality telescopic ladder that is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Well, you can use the ladder to reach even the most difficult parts in your home or outside. For repair jobs, painting, or electrical works, it looks to be a nice solution for both professional and weekend warriors.

Why Should You Buy 

  • 3.8-Meter Double Telescopic Folding Ladder.
  • 13-Step Ladder With a Handy Collapsible Size. 
  • Made of Industrial-Grade Quality Aluminum.
  • Bearing Capacity of Up to 150 Kilograms.
  • Height Locking System and Anti-Slip Feet. 

2. Bathla Telescopic Aluminium Ladder

Next, we have a Bathla product. Bathla Aluminum is known for its line-up of ladders. Its telescopic model is indeed one of the best telescopic ladders in India. It is a 3.6m ladder with a compressed size of just 0.8 m. So, it is pretty easy to deal with the ladder in your home or outdoors.

The Bathla Vanguard ladder features a highly durable aluminum alloy that guarantees a long lifespan. Made with state-of-the-art technology at Bathla Aluminum’s advanced manufacturing center, what you get is an ultra-modern addition to your home. Check out the latest price of the ladder on the link below.

Bathla Telescopic Aluminium Ladder - 3.8m

The Bathla is, in fact, a 12-step ladder. It measures 90 x 51 x 9cm, and it has a load capacity of up to 95 kg. That is indeed not bad for light home uses, but may not be ideal for large professional use.

Moreover, like all similar ladders, it has anti-skid shoes. They will give you great stability when you use it on various surfaces, including wet and smooth floors. It also features a unique step lock system. So, you can ensure it will stay strong in its enlarged form. There will be no issue of shaking or vibration when in use.

Why Should You Buy  

  • 12 Compact Telescopic Ladder for Home.
  • 12-Step Ladder with a Compressed Size of 0.8m.
  • Made of Industrial-Grade Aluminum Alloy.
  • Bearing Capacity of Up to 95 Kilograms.
  • Anti-Slip Feet and Quality Height Locking System.

3. Corvids Telescopic Ladder

The next model on our list of the best telescopic ladders in India is from a company called Corvids. It is a 2-meter ladder and is available in some other sizes, ranging from 2m to 6.2m. The Corvids ladder is very strong and durable as it is made with aerospace-grade 1.5 mm thick aluminum alloy.

The ladder has a load capacity of up to 150Kg. Plus, it highlights an anodized silver finishing. Further, the HDPE components add extreme corrosion resistance to the ladder, offering you a long lifespan.

Specs-wise, it is a 7-step ladder with an overall size of 2m. Once compressed, it is a very small and handy unit. It weighs at 4.7 kg and the overall folded size goes  47 x 8 x 66 cm. Check out its price below.

Corvids Telescopic Ladder - 5m

Of course, it is an ideal choice for home use. It will be a good piece of equipment for a weekend warrior to do several jobs at home or office. You can climb on it to clean windows, paint, decorate your wall, and do several other jobs easily.

The ladder can sit firmly on different floors, thanks to its angled rubber shoes. The unique step locking system further adds to its stability and integrity. You can use it ideally with no shake or vibration, for sure.

Why Should You Buy  

  • 2-Meter Compact Telescopic Ladder for Home.
  • 7-Step Ladder with a Handy Compressed Size.
  • Made of Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy.
  • Load Capacity of Up to 150 Kilograms.
  • Angled Rubber Shoes and Strong Lock System. 

4. EuroLadderSystems Pro Telescopic Ladder

If you are looking at buying an extremely portable ladder, here is another option. The EuroLadderSystems telescopic ladder is one of the most portable step ladders in the world. Made with quality aerospace-grade AL+MAG ally, you are lucky enough to get a highly durable and long-lasting ladder.

Specs-wise, it is a 14.5-feet (4.4m) telescopic ladder. Once folded down, it is just 3-feet in size and you can use the ladder to reach a height of up to 19-feet. It has a load capacity of up to 130 kgs, by the way.

The ladder is brilliant with its Tip N Glide wheels and an Ultra Stabilizer feature for unparalleled stability and easiness. The rivet and rung are also designed with quality materials. Check out its latest price below.

EuroLadderSystems Pro Telescopic Ladder - 4.4m

The EuroLadderSystems ladder is perfect for both homeowners and professional users alike. You can use it to reach anywhere and carry out different works at your home, worksite, or warehouse. The heavy-duty locking system and durable steps ensure your safety.

Once compressed, it is a very small unit. You can store it in a tiny room and unfold it to a large ladder when needed. The brand also offers the ladder in different sizes. So, you are lucky to have multiple options to get a model that matches your budget and requirements perfectly.

Why Should You Buy  

  • 14.5-Feet High-Quality Telescopic Ladder.
  • 14-Step Ladder with a Handy Folded Size.
  • Built with Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy.
  • Bearing Capacity of Up to 130 Kilograms.
  • Tip N Glide Wheels and an Ultra Stabilizer. 

5. Plantex Dual Telescopic Folding Aluminum Ladder

Here is a different telescopic ladder. As its name suggests, it is a dual folding ladder, meaning that you get the telescopic ladder in a two-rung profile. Thus, the 3.8-meter 12-step ladder has six steps each on both sides. And so, it is rather easier for someone to climb on as it offers increased stability.

However, the dual ladder also can double as a regular straight ladder of 3.8 meters like the above models. Of course, it has got strong lathes so that it will remain securely on any surface, and you can reach higher places for carrying out different tasks. Check out its latest price below.


Like all similar ladders, the Plantex model also features anti-slip treads and other safety features, including finger protection spacers, a closure strap for preventing sudden opening, and more. By the way, since it is a dual telescopic ladder, it has also got two over-mold anti-slip treads.

The loading capacity of the ladder is up to 150 kg. Made with strong and solid alloy, it is resistant to water, rust, and corrosion. In short, with a handy compressed size and a weight of 11 kg, it is certainly one of the lightweight and easy-to-carry foldable ladders on the market.

Why Should You Buy  

  • 3.8-Meter Dual Telescopic Folding Ladder.
  • 6-Step Folds on Each Side of the Ladder. 
  • Built with Strong and Durable Aluminum Alloy.
  • Bearing Capacity of Up to 150 Kilograms.
  • Strong Latches and Rich Safety Measures.

6. Ozone Xtendo Telescopic Ladder

The next item on our list of the best telescopic ladders in India is from a brand called Ozone. It is a straight telescopic ladder with a high-quality build. Made with 6063 aluminum, it can surely offer you a stable and secure climbing experience.

Well, it is actually a nine-step ladder that is ideal for loft access for a variety of jobs like cleaning, repairing, painting, decorating, and more. If you are looking for a lightweight, but a decently bigger ladder, it is indeed the right choice. Check out its latest price below.


The Ozone ladder has a size of 8.5-feet in height when opened. Once compressed it is quite handy at 2.5-feet. Added with its weight of just 4.98kg, it is, of course, a brilliant ladder for home applications. The ladder has a bearing capacity of up to 150kg, by the way.

It highlights a quality interlocking mechanism and a strap to contain the steps from not being pulled open when in storage in small spaces. The anti-skid shoes will let you climb up on the ladder with no concern about slippery. Overall, you get one of the coolest telescopic ladders out there.

Why Should You Buy   

  • 8.5-Feet Straight Telescopic Folding Ladder.
  • 9-Step Single-Stretch Compact Ladder. 
  • Built with Durable and Strong Aluminum Alloy.
  • Bearing Capacity of Up to 150 Kilograms.
  • Quality Interlocking Mechanism

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best telescopic ladders in India. We have tried our best to bring to you a few of the best ladders for home and pro use. Thanks to their collapsible profile, telescopic ladders are absolutely ideal for portable use. You can carry it easily in your vehicle and set it up anywhere quickly to get access to the heights for fulfilling different tasks. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments below.

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