Are you looking to buy a cool solar lighting solution for your home? Well, the advancements in technology have brought us several outstanding solar-based power solutions. Solar lighting is indeed a notable one. We have a list of the best solar lights for home or an emergency situation in India on a list below.

Of course, it is a great idea to rely on solar energy to meet most of your emergency power and lighting needs. Obviously, that will ensure you an everlasting source of alternative power as long as you live in a locality with decent exposure to the sunlight. Also, you could enjoy the pleasure of using an eco-friendly source.


As you see, a solar light is basically for lighting. But many such systems also have emergency phone charging options as well. The included power bank sports the required USB or other charging outlets. Fine, we would like to explore all the popular and best solar lights for home in India below. Stay tuned after the break.

Best Solar Lights for Home

Typically, solar light has three main components. They are a solar panel, a power bank (battery pack), and one or more lights. Depending on the model, these items may change in size and capacity. Thus, it has got a simple way of operation. The solar panel juices up the power pack, which could later run the included lights.

The power packs of some models also feature charging outlets like USB ports and DC sockets. That is how you could use the same system to power up your handsets or other gadgets in an emergency. Anyway, stay for our list of the best solar lights for home in India below. We have an amazing list for you.

1. Agni Solar Home Lighting Kit 3

We would like to start the list with an incredible product from Agni Solar. This is a small solar home lighting kit. It features a little 11V/4-watt polycrystalline solar panel and a power pack with a 7.4V/5200mAh Li-ion battery. Plus, it has got three 1-watt LED bulbs in the bundle.

Of course, this Agni Solar product is a little solar lighting kit for a small home. At the same time, it is a portable solution that you could carry and set up in a remote home, cabin, or anywhere else. Follow the button below to check out its current price and buy a unit to ensure enough lighting anywhere.

By the way, as you see in the photo, the included power bank has got a USB outlet to charge your phone and other devices in an emergency. When it comes to charging, the panel could fully charge the battery in 14 to 16 hours under optimal conditions. Meanwhile, via the AC adapter option, it would take only 10 to 11 hours.

When it comes to the working time, you would get around 32 hours for a single bulb, and 11 hours for all the bulbs. Overall, you get a cool solar lighting kit at an awesome price from Agni Solar.

Notable Features

  • 5200mAh Li-ion Battery Pack. 
  • 4-Watt Poly Solar Panel.
  • Three 1W LED Bulbs.
  • USB Phone Charging Facility.
  • Perfect Solar Light for Small Home.

2. Pick Ur Needs Rocklight Solar Home Light System

It is another cool solar home lighting system from Rocklight energy solutions. As you see, it is a multi-function portable solar solution with the battery pack featuring a pair of 20W tube lights. Further, the kit has got a pair of 9V individual LED hanging bulbs. The power pack has also got a dedicated USB port for phone charging.

Coming to the solar panel, this is a small 6W unit that you could place somewhere in the sunlight. And connect to the power pack, which could be placed safely somewhere inside. Well, it would take around 12 hours to fully charge the power pack under ideal sunlight conditions. Check out its price on the link below.

Interestingly, the main unit of the system has got individual switches for the bulbs. You could just connect the bulbs using the included wires and hang them anywhere you want. The individual switches let you save power by turning on/off the lights on demand.

Overall, you get one of the best solar lights for home in India. Sure, it is a good choice for all people, who are looking to buy an emergency lighting solution. The lightweight and easy-to-carry profile makes it rather nice.

Notable Features

  • Lightweight and Handy Powerful Battery Pack.
  • Dual 20-Watt Built-in Tube Lights.
  • Highly Efficient 6-Watt Solar Panel.
  • Two Individual Hanging LED Bulbs.
  • Individual Switches for the Bulbs.
  • AC Adapter, Cables, and Wires Included. 

3. D.Light S300 Solar Light and Charger

Here is another cool product on our list of the best solar lights for home. It is from D.Light, a global leader in delivering affordable solar solutions for the people in emerging markets. As you see, this is a solar light plus charger, which you could carry anywhere hassle-free and use in a house, camping tent, or an office.

This is actually a two-piece solar lighting solution; the main unit and the solar panel. The main unit, as you see, comes up with a battery and a lantern. The lantern is capable of producing 10 times more brightness than the traditional lamps. See the link below to check out its current price.

Well, the lighting has got four modes of brightness. It could offer you 100 hours of light on a single recharge. Further, it features a carrying strap for easy moving. At the same time, the same light unit packs up a nicely performing lithium Ferro phosphate (LFP) battery inside.

On the backside, it has got a USB port to power up your phone or any USB devices. The solar panel is indeed a highly efficient one. Apart from the solar option, you could also recharge it via an AC adapter, by the way.

Notable Features

  • Lightweight and Handy Solar Lantern.
  • Highly Efficient Small Solar Panel.
  • Lantern with Four Brightness Modes. 
  • Light and Mobile Charger in One Device.

4. Belifal Solar Home Lighting System

This Belifal solar light system is also a multi-function solution. Along with the brand’s solar-based Surya Shakti Power Box generator, you could use it to run multiple LED lights, a 12V DC fan, 12V CCTVs, 12V tube lights, and more. The power box has also got dual USB outlets to recharge your phones and other USB gadgets.

This is an 84W high-capacity power box. It packs up a 12V 7Ah lead-acid SMF battery from Exide. The included solar panel is a large 25W unit that could charge the battery faster. Apart from the solar panel, you could also use a 220V AC socket to recharge it. Use the button below to check out its current price.

Well, a fully charged Belifal Surya Shakti power station could run a combination of two 12V bulbs and a DC fan for around four hours. That means you could ideally use the solar lighting system to ensure the basic needs of lighting and portable power in your small home and camping tent, supported by the sunlight, of course.

By the way, the ultimate box has an advanced charge controller. That would help safeguard your devices from overcharge, low-battery cut off, and other voltage irregularities. Meanwhile, you get the power box with four 12V DC ports and a pair of 5V USB ports. It is also a very handy machine with a strong carrying handle.

Notable Features

  • High-Capacity 84W Solar-Based Power Station. 
  • 12V7Ah Exide Lead-Acid SMF Battery.
  • Four DC 12V Outlets and Two 5V USB Ports.
  • Strong and Portable Solar Power Box.
  • Powerful 25W Solar Panel. 

5. i-Solarlite Ace 2 Solar Emergency Light

This is a very simple solar light cum USB phone charger. Well, you get a 200-lumen LED light with a stand. The light is adjustable on its stand and it also integrates a USB port to recharge your handsets or any USB devices. The solar panel included is a 2.8-watt small polycrystalline unit.

The i-Solarlite Ace 2 is indeed one of the best solar lights for home in India with the longest runtime alongside the mobile charging facility. A single day solar charging will make it provide you a lighting up to 42 hours on its low -power mode. The medium and turbo modes respectively deliver around 10 and 5 hours.

The battery inside the solar light is a 3000mAh (3.2V) lithium Ferro-phosphate unit. The solar panel comes with a 5-meter long wire so that you could place the unit outside to attract as much as sunlight.

By the way, as said above, it sports a universal 5V USB port to charge your phones. The kit also packs up a USB adapter kit with five different connectors. You could also operate the device through an infrared remote (not included), though. Overall, you get a really nice ultra-portable solar light plus phone charger.

Notable Features

  • Simple and Small Solar Light.
  • 200-Lumen LED Light with Adjustable Stand. 
  • 3000mAh (3.2V) Lithium Ferro-Phosphate Battery.
  • 2.8-Watt Small Polycrystalline Solar Panel.
  • Built-in USB Socket to Charge your Devices.

6. Nikoy 7W LED Light Bulb

Here is another brilliant solar light on the Indian market. This is a dual-purpose LED lamp with 7W output. You could use it as a normal light by screwing to the regular E27 base. Meanwhile, thanks to the three built-in solar cells, you could run it on solar power in an emergency for up to four to six hours.

As usual, solar cells produce power and store it in its built-in battery. Of course, the bulb integrates a decent-capacity 1200mAh battery, which looks quite enough to offer longtime lighting in your home, camping tent, or anywhere else. Check out the link below to see its latest price and buy a unit quickly.

Absolutely, the Nikoy bulb comes out to be a good choice for home use. Thanks to its standard A21 shape and E27 base compatibility, you could use it ideally in your home or office. Through the bulb base, this could collect the AC power faster than the solar option.

When it comes to the solar option, the bulb could gather enough power to run for around three hours in one-day solar charging. It is also an IP65 waterproof bulb so you could perfectly use in rough outdoor conditions.

Notable Features

  • Single Piece 7W Solar LED Light for Home.
  • Three Small Built-In Solar Panels.
  • 1200mAh Battery Inside. 
  • IP65 Waterproof Solar LED Bulb. 
  • A21 Design and E27 Holder Compatibility.

7. Agni Solar Mini Light 1

Here is another brilliant solar lighting solution in a single case. Well, the Agni Solar product is very lightweight, compact, and portable. You could take it anywhere and make use of solar energy for lighting in a camping tent, home, and more. Also, it features an adjustable stand and so you could place it anywhere comfortably.

Coming to specs, the Agni Solar device integrates a 5V 0.3-watt mono solar panel. And inside, it packs up a 3.2V 400mAh Life PO4 battery to store the harvested power. That looks quite enough to run the 0.5W bright LED to offer you better brightness for a long time. Follow the button below to check out its price.

Under optimal lighting conditions, it would take around eight hours for the device to be fully charged. There is no option to recharge it via another source, by the way. Meanwhile, a fully charged device could offer you four hours of light in its high brightness mode and 8 hours in low mode.

Notable Features

  • Single Piece 0.5W Solar LED Light.
  • 5V 0.3-Watt Mono Solar Cell
  • 400mAh Life PO4 Battery Inside. 
  • Highly Portable and Compact Solar Light. 
  • Perfect for Camping and Portable Needs.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar lights for home in India. We have many more models on the market, but we have compiled the best of the best to let you find a cool model at an awesome price. All the models on our list above are from good brands. And so, it would be easier for you to make an ideal choice, for sure.

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