An inverter is the ‘brain’ of a solar electric power system. There are many off-grid solar inverters on the Indian market. We would like to bring you a list of quality inverters to let you find the best solar inverter in India. And thus, make your solar power system a reliable home power solution.

An inverter is the main element of a solar power system that converts the DC output of PV panels to 240V AC power. That is how you are able to run your AC appliances in use of the alternative energy source.


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If your appliances don’t use the power, it is again the duty of an inverter to feed it to the grid or store it in your home backup. The new hybrid inverters on the market tout a host of awesome features to make solar power utilization a breeze. Stay tuned for our list of the best solar inverters 2019 after the image break.

Best Solar Inverter in India 2019

We have a range of solar inverters on the Indian market. Many brands sell good quality products. Some are just basic ones, while some other models highlight advanced features including modern connectivity options, battery management systems, and more. Let us explore all the best seller solar inverters below.

1. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200S Digital Sine Wave UPS

We would like to start the list with a cool product from V-Guard. It is a smart pure sine wave inverter with solar compatibility. The Smart Pro 1200S UPS could easily run an LED TV of up to 55 in, a refrigerator of up to 320-lt, and many other regularly-used AC appliances including LEDs bulbs, tealights, speakers, and more.

Of course, V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S is a solar compatible system. That is why you could ideally use it in places with regular power outages. Also, this is a nice pick to help reduce your reliance on the grid and thus cut down power bills in your home. Check out its latest price on the link below and order a unit of it if you like it.

More amazingly, the V-Guard solar home UPS features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. That is how you could easily sync the UPS inverter with your phone or tab through the included V-Guard Smart app. Thus, you could control the entire power solution wirelessly from anywhere.

You could even switch through different modes as per your needs in the help of the mobile app. Moreover, the V-Guard device has got some special features to safeguard the connected battery. For instance, the app could notify you when the battery water was distilled over the usage.

Plus, the solar inverter also features a superhero emergency charging option. Even if the inverter is completely shut down, it would help charge your phone or other devices in an emergency via a built-in charging point.

Notable Features

  • Perfect Solar-Based Home UPS Inverter.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output to Run Your AC Appliances Ideally. 
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity for Real-Time Monitoring. 
  • V-Guard Smart App to Monitor Various Information.
  • Built-In Battery Water Topping Reminder.

2. Genus Surja 900 Solar Inverter

Here is another brilliant solar inverter. It is an intelligent solar inverter cum UPS. You could use it as a regular inverter and turn into a solar one by adding solar panels later. Thus, it comes out to be an awesome way to harness solar energy into electricity to power up your home and office.

Of course, the inverter is made to prioritize solar energy, though it would support the mains as a secondary option. Therefore, it could recharge the connected batteries rather efficiently from the PV panels as against the solar panels. Check out the link below to see its price and buy a unit.

Overall, this Genus solar inverter could make your home or office a small power plant. By making use of solar energy, it could also reduce your power bill significantly. It is a very easy-to-install solar inverter that you could buy at an affordable price and make part of your off-grid solar power system.

Specs-wise, the Genus inverter works on the DSP technology. That is what makes it rather faster and smarter compared to the microprocessor-based inverters out there. Further, it packs up a 20A solar charge controller. Above all, it sports a multi-information LCD display for an enhanced experience.

Notable Features

  • Perfect Solar Inverter Cum Home UPS.
  • Based on Advanced DSP Technology.
  • Built-In 20Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Computers and Household Appliances.
  • Multi-Information LCD Display.

3. Luminous Solar NXG 1100 Hybrid Inverter

It might be yet another cool model on your search for the best solar inverter in India. The 850V, 12V rated AC inverter is one of the top-sellers of its kind from Luminous, a key Indian brand of power and home electrical solutions. This stylish multi-color inverter comes with intelligent solar optimization technology.

It also acts like a regular inverter to charge your battery from mains if required. However, with the solar panels up to 1000 Wp, it could save a significant amount of money in your power bill. The included charge controller is a 40A unit with 98% efficiency for fast charging. Like all similar products, it is also a single battery inverter.

Well, the Luminous solar inverter features an i-Charge technology for fast battery charging. That will certainly help you collect as much as backup power in short internals of power outages. Meanwhile, like all the similar products, it delivers sine wave output for better safety of your AC appliances and their noiseless operation.

Moreover, it shows off increased safety and protection features. The built-in features help monitor the health and performance of the connected battery. Also, they safeguard the battery from overvoltage, discharge, short circuit, and more. Overall, it would possibly be the best solar inverter in India you could find at a great price.

Notable Features

  • Solar Hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS System.
  • 850VA, 12V Rated AC Output.
  • 40A Charge Controller with 98% Efficiency.
  • i-Charge Technology for Fast Battery Charging.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Solar Inverter.
  • Multi-Color, Elegant, and Ergonomic Design.

4. Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1100VA Solar Inverter

Next, we have a cool product from Su-Kam. It is called Brainy Eco 1100VA solar inverter. This is also capable of acting like a normal and solar inverter as it could perfectly charge batteries from both the sources. By the way, for automatic temperature compensation, it features ATC technology.

Of course, Su-Kam Brainy Eco also prioritizes solar charging as against the mains. Along with extra protection against the high current, short circuit, and reverse flow, you could surely depend on this to make use of your solar panel system at its best. Check out the link below to buy a unit of it.

Thanks to the built-in smart ATC feature, the Su-Kam inverter could boost up the battery life up to six months. It also makes sure that the inverter and the battery work more efficiently. Overall, what you get is yet another best solar inverter in India to power up your home off-grid power system.

By the way, Su-Kam offers a wide range of such solar inverters for the Indian customers. This particular model is known for its durable building material of chromium steel. All the Su-Kam models have a nice design and a stylish yellow and white shade.

Notable Features

  • Solar Hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS System.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation. 
  • Perfect as a Regular and Off-Grid Inverter.
  • Safe and Secure Against all Voltage Issues.
  • Stylish Chromium Steel Design and Color Theme.

5. Microtek Hybrid 950VA Sine Wave UPS

Next, we have a Microtek product on our list for the best solar inverter in India. This is a 950VA sine wave UPS with an output of 760 watts. It is also compatible with both solar and mains, though solar is the priority for fast charging of the connected battery in your home or office.

This is only a single piece of a wide range of models available from Microtek. It has got an elegant design and stylish look. Also, it is a long-lasting and durable solar inverter that could guarantee you a better solar charging experience. Use the button below to check out the price of the hybrid inverter.

It is also a highly efficient inverter. For higher performance, it comes up with a Microtek stabilizer. Meanwhile, the included low and high cut-off feature helps automatically cut the grid supply during power outages.

This is also a very safe solar inverter in powering your batteries. With the built-in safety measures, you could ensure a good performance. The device comes with a digital display to show input and output voltage.

Notable Features

  • Solar Hybrid 950/12V Home UPS System.
  • Perfect as a Regular and Off-Grid Inverter.
  • Safe and Secure Hybrid Power Inverter. 
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Machine.
  • Stylish and Ergonomic Design and Color.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar inverters for home use in India. We have a wide range of models from the same brands and others on the market. Of course, we have tried out to introduce you to some of the finest models. We will surely keep this list updated with fresh models in the coming days. Anyway, hope it would make easy for you to find the best solar inverter in India 2019.

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