Looking to buy an off-grid solar power system in India? We have a list of the best off-grid solar power systems in India to power up your home or office during blackouts. Or a living space with no grid connectivity.

Certainly, India is growing steady faster in embracing various off-grid solar power solutions for energy in both residential and commercial applications. Currently, we have several brands in India with individualized off-grid solar solutions for unlimited off-grid power.

Technically, an off-grid solar power system is a bundle of everything you should typically need to set up a solar power solution anywhere. Such a kit will let you quickly set up a small power plant making use of the sunlight.

Best Off-Grid Solar Power Systems in India

Off-grid solar kits most likely include solar panels, charge controller, inverter, batteries, and other accessories. That doesn’t mean that all such bundles should feature all these items. There are some partial kits as well.

Absolutely, off-grid solar systems are basically meant to ensure power in a place with no traditional electricity or with a shortage in power supply. That said, it is quite different from on-grid solar power solutions, which are designed to supply surplus power back to the gridlines to earn credit.

Best Off-Grid Solar Power Systems in India

Evidently, the Indian off-grid solar power market for individualized projects is at its early stage. That is why we don’t have a lot of brands with reliable off-grid solar power solutions. However, we would like to introduce you to some of the best off-grid solar power systems in India at reasonable prices below.

1. Loom Solar 50-Watt Off-Grid Solar System

We would like to start the list with a base model 50W off-grid solar system from Loom Solar. Specs-wise, this is a system of 145Wh capacity that comes with a 12Ah lithium battery and other components. They include a unit of 50W solar panel, a 6A charge controller, and two DC bulbs.

As you see, it is not a high-capacity off-grid power solution. This is a DC power solution for consumers with no access to grid power in their homes or other living spaces. You could use it to light up their rooms in place of the traditional kerosene lamps. Check out the link below to buy a unit of the solar bundle.

You could use the power system to run two to three DC lights and one DC fans. Also, to charge your phones and other small gadgets. That said, it is not a large power station to support your powerful AC appliances.

But in places with no grid power connectivity, it would be a great way for people to ensure basic lighting and phone charging from the sun. You could easily put together the items to realize an off-grid power system.

Notable Features

  • 145Wh Off-Grid Power System.
  • 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel.
  • 12Ah Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • 6Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Two DC Bulbs and Phone Charging Facility.

2. Luminous 3KW Off-Grid Solar Power System

Next, on our list of best off-grid solar power systems in India, we have a huge 3KW solution from Luminous. As you see, this system is capable of offering 24×7 power in your home, villa, office, or apartment. The massive system is, of course, priced a bit higher, but it could possibly produce around 15 units of power a day.

Specs-wise, the Luminous off-grid solar power system features a unit of the brand’s much-touted 3KW SOLAR PCU – NXT, which is a 230V, 13A single-phase hybrid inverter with an MPPT solar charge controller. Plus, the bundle packs up four units of Luminous LPTT12150H 150Ah tubular batteries.

Coming to the solar panel, it has got six units of 335W Luminous monocrystalline solar panels to total output of over 2000 watts. Follow the link below to check out its latest price and other details.

By the way, it is not a DIY solar power system. You will require the help of a technician to install this massive setup. For general installation, it costs around Rs. 40,000. And it needs a space of 300 sq. Feet over your roof to place the solar panels and a good room indoors for the batteries and the inverter.

Meanwhile, the brand offers more other solar power systems. They also include less powerful DIY bundles. We would like to check out more items on our list of the best off-grid solar power systems in India below.

Notable Features

  • 3KW Massive Off-Grid Power System.
  • Six 335W Luminous Mono Solar Panels.
  • Four 150Ah Tall Tubular Batteries.
  • Capable of Producing 15 Units of Power a Day. 
  • Perfect for Large Homes, Flats, and Apartments.

3. Luminous NXG1100 Off-Grid Solar Power System

This is a small and affordable off-grid solar power system. The Luminous product is an 1100W off-grid solution with all the required components. This could offer a power supply of four to five hours for a 2-3 BHK home or a flat in case of a power cut or during an unstable electricity supply.

Coming to specs, this Luminous off-grid solar kit mainly packs a unit of the brand’s NXG1100 hybrid inverter. It is designed with a built-in charge controller to harness solar power from the PV panels to run the household electrical loads. With the included panels and other components, it could possibly produce 1.5 units a day.

The included solar panel is a pair of 160W polycrystalline units that could provide enough power. So, you get a total of 320 watts of power from the sunlight to power up the off-grid power solution.

Meanwhile, the battery included is a piece of Luminous’ 150Ah C10 tall tubular battery. If you want to buy a unit of the solar combo, visit the button above to check out its latest price and place an order.

Notable Features

  • 1100W Off-Grid Power System.
  • Two 160W Luminous Poly Solar Panels.
  • One 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery.
  • Capable of Producing 1.3 to 3 Units a Day. 
  • Perfect for Small Home, Flat, and Apartment.

4. Luminous 10KW Off-Grid Solar Power System

Next, we have one of the biggest off-grid solar power systems available on the Indian market. As you see, it is a 10KW Luminous power solution, which is an amazing pick for large-scale commercial purposes. You could set it up in your office, shops, and factories to run the entire operation by solar power.

Priced at around 10 lakh Indian rupees, this system could produce as much as 50 units of power a day under optimal sunlight. Moreover, it requires a room of 1000 sq. feet on your roof to install the included solar panels.

Meanwhile, as per the company, you would get a return of the investment in just 5 years, thanks to a monthly saving of electricity worth Rs. 15000. Use the button below to check out its price and other details.

Mainly, what you have in the kit is a unit of massive 10KW NXT inverter from Luminous. Plus, it has got 10 units of the brand’s 150Ah solar batteries, helping you store a huge amount of power for later use. The solar panels included are 30 units of the brand’s 350W mono panels.

Again, you will require the help of a technician to set up the off-grid solar power system. The company would charge you an extra of Rs. 15,000 to fix the solar power system in your home. But what you get is one of the best off-grid solar power systems in India from Luminous.

Notable Features

  • 10KW Large-Scale Off-Grid Power System.
  • 30 350W Luminous Mono Solar Panels.
  • 10 150Ah Tall Tubular Batteries.
  • Capable of Producing 50 Units of Power a Day. 
  • Perfect for Commercial Purposes, Large Shops, and More.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best off-grid solar power systems in India. We actually don’t have a lot of models to list out as long as the off-grid solar power market is in its nascent stage in the country. Still, the Luminous solar kit is also available in more variants to meet the requirements of different budget groups. Hopefully, you have enjoyed our list and it would help you find a brilliant off-grid solar power system in your home.

By the way, apart from the ready-to-use best off-grid solar power systems in India, you could set up your own solar power systems putting together the components from different brands. More brands are coming up with reliable solar panels, charge controllers, solar power inverters, and solar batteries in the Indian market. Share your thoughts about this list in the comments below.