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Best Gardening Tools in India: 10 Best Garden Tool Kits for Home Gardening

Are you in search of the right tools for home gardening? It is indeed a fact that traditional gardening tools and accessories are not much useful in the delicate home, indoor, balcony, or terrace gardening. There are many exquisite tools for modern home gardening. Here, we have the best gardening tools in India.

When it comes to gardening tools, it is better to buy them in kits. If you want only one particular tool, get it alone. But if you are looking to arrange a set of tools for home gardening, it is always nice to get them in a kit. So, you can make sure you get quality products from a single brand at an affordable price.

On this list of gardening tools for home in India, we would like to cover the best tool kits. They will surely make gardening a great experience. There is indeed a growing trend in home gardening, especially among the urban folks. So, the below tool kits will definitely make gardening a rather easier thing.

Best Gardening Tools in India

Generally, we need items like trowels, weeders, forks, cultivators, gloves, weed pullers, and more for home gardening. But it is not necessary that all the garden kits may have all the tools. As per the nature of each kit, there will possibly be different items, indeed. So, make sure you get the right tool kit for your needs.

Our team of researchers has compiled this list after a detailed look at various kits. So, we are sure that you can find the right gardening tool kit from our list, and enjoy a newer experience in gardening. Only with the right tools, any type of gardening will bring the best results. Stay tuned for our list below.

1. Truphe Garden Tools Set

We are glad to start the list with a leading gardening tool kit from a brand called, Truphe. It is a typical tool kit with a range of primary gardening tools. Clearly, the kit comprises the much-required items like smaller and bigger trowels, cultivators, weeder, fork, gloves, and, a German-style cutter.

Obviously, you have all the tools in the kit made of quality, powder-coated metal. Further, as you see, each item features a specially designed handle to let you grab it conveniently during the work.


All the items in the kit are made in India, and they keep industry standards in both quality and durability. More amazingly, the product is available in multiple sets, which you can explore on the link above.

The existing customers of the kit have shared a good response. Most of them have positives notes, while a few are not happy because they got it delivered with broken units. Anyway, it is to remember that the kit is a basic one at an affordable price. So, you can’t expect premium quality tools in it, for sure.

Notable Features 

  • Essential Garden Tools with a German-Style Cutter.
  • Powder-Coated Metal Parts for Better Durability.
  • Specially Designed Handles for Comfortable Use.
  • Multiple Bundles Available as Per Your Needs. 

2. Ketsy Hand Tools Gardening Kit

Here is another set of cool gardening tools for the home gardening enthusiasts. It is from a brand called, Ketsy, a key vendor of gardening kits at reasonable prices in India. As you see, this 7-piece kit contains items like a trowel, weeder, hand fork, cultivator, transplanter, pruning sector, and Khurpa.

That means you have it with all the essential tools for home gardening. It is also an affordable choice for a gardener. Follow the link below to check out the latest price of the tool kit.


All the tools in the kit feature premium quality powder-coated metal parts. They are also very sturdy and durable units. If you take care of them by regular cleaning after every use, they will last longer, for sure.

Of course, this kit is one of the best selling gardening tools in India with a lot of takers out there. It has also received a good response in customer reviews and a better star rating, too.

Notable Features  

  • Essential 7-Piece Gardening Tool Kit.
  • Premium Quality Powder-Coated Metal Parts.
  • Highly Durable and Sturdy Garden Tools. 
  • Ideal Gardening Kit for the Beginner Gardeners. 

3. JUK Garden Tool Set for Home Gardening

Above, we have had a look at two garden kits with smaller hand tools. Here, we have a kit of three essential garden tools for home with longer handles and strong metal parts from a brand called JUK. As you see, the items in the kit are a gardening fork, a cultivator, and a weed puller.

Well, the tools have an ergonomic design with handles of the right size for homeowners to easily manage the essential gardening jobs like digging, planting, and weeding. If you are a home gardener, this little kit will be quite nice for use in limited areas, like pots and planters. Check out its latest price below.


As said above, the metal parts of the tools are stronger and powder-coated for long life and durability. The handles are made of quality wooden sticks. The kit is indeed a popular one on the Indian market with a lot of takers. This kit will surely be a nice option if you are looking to buy the essential garden tool.

Notable Features

  • Essential Home Gardening Tools. 
  • Cultivator, Fork, and Week Extractor.
  • Powder-Coated Highly Durable Metal Parts. 
  • Ideal for Gardening in Pots and Planters.
  • Ergonomically Designed Strong Garden Tools. 

4. Visko 5-Piece Garden Tool Kit

Next, on our list of the best gardening tools in India, we have a simple kit from Visko. As you see, it is a 5-tool kit with all the items in the kit featuring good quality powder-coated metal parts for better durability.

At an affordable price, you get a brilliant tool kit from the brand. The kit includes single units of a trowel, weeder, fork, cultivator, and transplanter. Check out the link below for its latest price.


The tools have got specially designed handles for comfortable use. You get a better grip with all the tools so that you can smoothly handle them in your gardening works. The powder-coating makes them secure from rust, as well. These tools are very lightweight for easier handling.

Notable Features 

  • 5-Tool Gardening Tool Kit.
  • Essential Home Gardening Tools.
  • Powder-Coated Metal Parts for Durability.
  • Comfortable Plastic Handles for Easy Use.

5. Truphe 14-in-1 Garden Tool Box Combo Pack

Next, on our list of the best garden tool kits in India, we have a 14-in-1 garden kit from Truphe. It is actually a complete garden toolset with a combination of other essential accessories. The kit basically features a scutter, pruner, a pair of hand gloves, trowels, forks, khurpis, weeder, cultivator, and more.

All the items in the kit are quality picks. The metal parts are made of metal with powder coating for longer life. Meanwhile, though plastic, the handles keep good quality. Check out the link below for its price.


As you see, the Truphe combo box has multiple watering systems. One is 1.8-liter water can with sprayer. The other one is a typical 5-liter sprinkler with a four-way watering facility. There is also a hose sprinkler.

Overall, as said above, you get a complete garden toolset for home gardening at an affordable price. If you are looking to buy all the basic tools for gardening, this kist is a one-stop solution for you.

Notable Features 

  • 14-in-1 Complete Garden Toolkit for Home Gardening. 
  • All the Essential Gardening Tools Included.
  • Powder Coated Metal Parts and Quality Plastic Handles.
  • Multiple Water Cans and Sprinklers Included.
  • Perfect Choice for Beginner Home Gardners.

6. JetFire Garden Tool Set

Here is another incredible bundle on our list of the best gardening tools in India. The JetFire is a 10-piece kit with a range of essential tools for home gardening. They include items like big and small hand trowels, weeder, cultivator, garden fork, pruner, and cutter.

Apart from the basic tools, the kit also packs up a watering can, a pair of gardening gloves, and a Flamingo cutter. Overall, it is yet another complete garden toolkit at a reasonable price. Check out its price below.


Of course, it is a complete kit of the basic gardening tools. All the items in the kit highlight powder-coated metal parts to ensure ideal protection against rust. Indeed, you can buy the kit as an ideal solution for all your gardening needs.

Notable Features 

  • Ten-Piece Complete Garden Tool Kit.
  • All Essential Gardening Tools Included. 
  • Accessories like Gloves and Flamingo Cutter.
  • Durable and Powder-Coated Metal Parts.
  • Ideal Tool Kit for Home Gardeners.

7. Kraft Seeds Gate Garden Tools Set

The next is a 5-piece tool kit from Kraft Seeds. It also includes some attractive accessories, including pots, sprayers, peat, manure, and more. But including the tools, the kit has got 13 items overall.

Anyway, when it comes to the tools, it packs up a trowel, cultivator, pruner, fork, and a khurpi. That said, you get one of the coolest garden tool kits from Kraft Seeds. Check out its latest price below.


Elaborately, the Kraft Seeds bundle comes with a kit of 200gm organic manure and 100gm of agro peat. So, it is an interesting tool kit for a beginner. You don’t need to look forward to another source for the primary manure and peat to germinate the seeds and nourish the sprouts.

Besides, the kit features a sprayer to let you apply pesticides and fertilizers on crops. That is how the Kraft Seeds kit is indeed one of the best gardening tools in India at an amazing price.

Notable Features 

  • Five-Piece Home Gardening Tool Kit.
  • Essential Gardening Tools for Home Garden.
  • Rich Collection of Accessories for Gardening.
  • Organic Manure and Kraft Agro Peat Included.
  • Sprayer for Applying Pesticides and Fertilizers.
  • Ideal for the Beginner Home Gardener.

8. Python Garden Tools

What about a bundle of handy mattock tools for gardening? Mattocks are indeed the most versatile hand-planting tools. Well, if you are looking at buying a set of the mattock tools, go for the Python kit. It is a kit of three mattocks for the purposes of picking, scooping, and tilling.

The short-handed tools are ideal for a variety of light gardening works. As you see, the picker is good for digging soil, the scooper for shoveling, and the tiller for tilling the mud to perfectly prepare the soil for your plants to grow. Check out the latest price of the kid below.


Of course, all the items in the tools kit feature strong handles made out of unbreakable and indestructible fiberglass. Meanwhile, their heads are made of quality materials that are drop-forged and heat-treated for enhanced durability and life.

As you see, each item in the kit features distinct working ends to enhance your workmanship. They are all quite comfortable for use, thanks to their ideal size of 16-in in length. The carrying handles, as said above, are well-engineered so you can handle the tools quite easily for an ideal gardening experience.

Notable Features 

  • Three-Piece Mattock Tools Gardening Kit. 
  • Easy-to-Use Picker, Scooper, and Tiller.
  • Comfortable and Durable Fiberglass Handles.
  • Drop-Forged and Heat-Treated Strong Heads. 
  • Perfect Kit for Light Gardening Works. 

9. Truphe Gardening Cut Tools

Truphe’s kit of gardening cut tools is the next item on our list today. As you see, it is a pack of three much-needed cutting tools; scissors, a pruner, and a cutter. All the tools are high-quality and very solid items on the market with a lot of takers in the gardening community.

Well, the tools are made of stainless steel and plastic handles. The metal parts provide a sturdy and strong profile and the ergonomic handles offer an ideal grip. Check out the latest price of the Truphe kit below.


Well, the included scissor is a multi-use tool. You can use it in both a garden and a kitchen. There is also a nutcracker with the scissor and its cutting edges are sharp. Other tools are also sharp and strong.

Notable Features 

  • Three-Piece Gardening Cut Tools.
  • Scissors, Pruner, and Garden Cutter. 
  • Made of Stainless-Steel Quality Plastic.
  • Specially Designed Ergonomic Handles. 

10. Bulfyss Basic Gardening Tools Kit

Finally, we have a basic gardening tools kit from Bulfyss. It is a pack of a shovel, fork, and rake. The tools in the kit are colorful and practical. You can use them to dig, plant, and weed in your home garden.

The tools feature easy-to-grip and comfortable wooden handles. Also, the handles feature holes for you to easily and effectively store the tools. Check out the latest price of the Bulfyss gardening tool kit.


The handles are made of durable wooden sticks, but they have got a green soft grip for comfortable use. If you are looking at buying a basic tool kit for your home garden, it is indeed the right choice.

Notable Features 

  • Three-Piece Basic Gardening Tools.
  • Handy Shovel, Fork, and Rake Tools.
  • Made of Quality Metal and Wooden Sticks. 
  • Colorful and Highly Practical Garden Tools.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best gardening tools in India. There are indeed more models out there, but we have compiled some of the best items to let you find a favorite one easily. Well, if you are a passionate gardener, you should need a reliable garden tool kit to make gardening an amazing experience. Hope you have enjoyed our list and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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