Best Electronic Safe Lockers for Home in India: 5 Best-Selling Safe Lockers Online

A safe locker is indeed a piece of essential equipment in your home. If you have something valuable like gold, documents, or emergency money to store in your home, a safe and secure locker is a must-have. Of course, it is not always practical to depend on the bank lockers to store the valuables. Then, what about buying a secure electronic locker? Here we have a list of the best electronic safe lockers for home in India.

Gone are the days of the customary wooden or concrete lockers. They were all not secure enough as they had only physical keys and similar solutions to safeguard your valuables. It is here the new-gen electronic lockers and safes ensure the security. Surely, we have a lot of the best electronic safe lockers for home in India from various brands.

They are available in various sizes and with advanced features and security measures. See our list of the best safe lockers that you could electronically lock and add extra security to your valuables.

Best Electronic Safe Lockers for Home in India

An electronic locker means a strong container for storage with a digital password system for locking. It works on the battery and so you can enter your password and open up the locker door. Depending on the size and availability of various features, the price of an electronic locker varies. Generally, electronic lockers are a bit pricier since they are made with highly durable materials to ensure increased safety. If you are looking to buy one you are in the right place. Stay for our list of the best electronic safe locker for home in India below.

Electronic Safe Lockers for Home: Buying Guide

Before the list, let us check out what things you should consider before buying an electronic safe locker. You have a wide range of safe lockers on the market. So, it should be nice you buy a model after ensuring that it meets the below conditions. Thus, you could find the best model that meets your requirements and budget.

Compact and Durable

Make sure you buy a digital locker with a compact and durable profile. Being a piece of compact equipment, it would be easier for you to fix the safe somewhere. Maybe, you will have to fix it inside a cupboard, under the bed, or near to any other furniture for increased safety. Likewise, it should also be a durable device in a way it should stay long in your home or office with no damage and other issues.

Advanced Safety Features

Gone are the days of the old-style safe lockers and physical keys. A good electronic safe locker should come up with the most advanced locking system; digital password or biometric solutions. Make sure you buy a locker with fine security features. Then only, you could protect your valuables safely in your home, shop, or office.

Non-Volatile Memory System

This is another important thing you should take into the account while buying an electronic locker. An ideal locker should come with a stable and non-volatile memory system. Otherwise, it would be impossible to open the safe in case you forget the password or in some other emergency situation.

1. AmazonBasics Security Safe – 0.5-Cubic Feet Black

We would like to start the list with a security locker from AmazonBasics. It is also one of the popular models of its kind on the market. Though we have taken a 0.5-cubic feet model, it is also available in other sizes, such as 0.7 and 1 cubic feet. So, you will get a suitable model that matches your budget and requirements at best. See more details about the AmazonBasics Security Safe – 0.5-cubic feet after the image break.

Specs-wise, the 14L (0.5 cubic feet) AmazonBasics electronic safe is a wonderful product. Certainly, it highlights all the advanced features that an ideal security safe would have. Apart from the electronic lock, this comes up with two emergency override keys. Further, it is made with good quality steel and you have its floor carpeted to protect against damages and scratches. Also, there is a removable or adjustable interior self inside.

By the way, as put it above, you get the AmazonBasics Security Safe in multiple sizes. That gives you a chance to pick from a model that suits your needs the best. Follow the button above to check all the variants. When it comes to customer reviews, there is a lot of takers for this high-quality security safe. Absolutely, its reviews are also good and thus it becomes one of the best electronic safe lockers for home in India.

Why Should You Buy

  • Steel Build with a Carpeted Interior Surface.
  • Reprogrammable Digital Password Access with 2 Override Keys.
  • 2 Live-Door Bolts and Pry-Resistant Hidden Hinges.
  • Removable and Adjustable Interior Shelf.
  • Multiple Variants Available on the Market.
  • One of the Best-Sellers of its Kind in India.

2. Godrej Security Solutions Access Electronic Safe

This is another best electronic safe locker for home in India. It is indeed one of the best-sellers of its kind from Godrej Security Solutions, a major firm in the industry. This Godrej Access electronic safe locker is, in fact, an advanced security solution with a host of features. First off, you can protect your valuables inside the 8L safe with a strong secret password between 3 to 6 digits. Wait for more features after the image break.

Moreover, the Godrej Access electronic safe is up with a master password facility for better control. Also, this features a mechanical override so that you can open the safe once you forget the password. Further, it equips a pair of motorized shooting bolts as part of adding to the overall security. An auto-freeze facility is another interesting feature that comes to play when the incorrect code is given four times continuously.

Finally, this model of Godrej Access is a compact and durable unit. It has got a carpet inside. Also, it highlights better battery life and the included low battery indicator facility would help you replace the units before they would dry out. Overall, you get a wonderful piece of electronic safe from Godrej at a decent price. This model is indeed one of the top-sellers in India and so you have nothing to worry about in investing in it.

Why Should You Buy

  • Compact and Strong 8L Steel Safe Locker.
  • 3-6 Digital Password Locking System.
  • Two Motorized Shooting Bolts for Added Security.
  • Non-Volatile Memory for Easy Password Retaining.
  • Durable Build with Interior Carpet.

3. Godrej Filo Biometric 55 Electronic Safe (Black)

Being a leading player in the security systems, Godrej offers a range of products to the Indian customers. The last pick was a regular compact electronic safe from Godrej. Here we have a tall design security safe called Filo. Apart from the 55L variant we are talking about, it is also available in a 44L option. So, it would be easy for you to find an apt model as per your budget and needs. Use the link below to check out both, anyway.

Like all similar products, Godrej Filo is also advanced security safe. It is made of mild steel and its design has a notable difference. Apart from regular compact design, it is a cuboidal one, making it a great pick for storing documents, tall items, and other valuables. Different from the above model, it is a biometric solution, though.

Moreover, Godrej Filo security lockers equip the mechanical override facility to access the safe if the password is forgotten. Plus, they feature a pair of motorized shooting bolts for the enhanced security of your valuables. Meanwhile, other exciting features like low battery indicator, non-volatile memory, and interior carpet again boost up the reliability of the lockers from Godrej Security Systems.

Why Should You Buy

  • Advanced Biometric 55L Electronic Safe.  
  • Tall Design for Storing Documents and Tall Items.
  • Motorized Shooting Bolts for Added Security.
  • 40L Variant is Available at a Smaller Price.

4. Ozone OES-BAS-10 Core Series Safe

Next, on our list of the best electronic safe lockers for home in India, we have a cool product from Ozone. This is a 10L compact locker with a host of exciting safety features. Being a personal digital locker, it is an ideal pick for everyday home, shop, and office applications. Of course, you can secure up all your valuable stuff like gold, documents, passport, and money inside the high-quality electronic safe. Use the link below to buy a unit.

Well, the Ozone electronic safe locker works on a 3 to 8-digit user password by enabling the keyless operation. Furthermore, it offers advanced security features like Auto Secure that freezes the safe if a wrong password is entered multiple times. A magnetic locking system is also another key attraction of the equipment, which also equips stronger shooting bolts for additional safety.

By the way, the included mechanical override key lets you open the safe if you forget the secret code. Anyway, you can easily fix the compact locker inside a cupboard, against a wall, or anywhere else. There is a low-battery indicator to let you see when to replace the batteries. The Ozone BAS 10 comes in two colors; black and grey.

Why Should You Buy

  • 10L Electronic Safe Locker with Strong Build.
  • A 3 – 8-Digit User Code for Security.
  • Compact and Easy-to-Install Design.
  • Two Strong Shooing Bolts for Added Security.
  • Available in Grey and Black Colors.

5. Dolphin SR Taiwan Digital Electronic Jewelry Box

This is a rather interesting product on our list of the best electronic safe lockers for home in India. As you see in the title, this is basically a money and jewelry box with a digital keypad combination lock. Also, it comes up with spare override key so you don’t need to worry if you have forgotten the code. The lovely thing about the Dolphin digital box is its exclusive coin and currency trays that are removable.

However, apart from the money and jewels, you could also use the safe locker to store documents, cheques, gemstones, and other valuable stuff. This is a very compact and small electronic locker, by the way. You could carry it anywhere to store your personal valuables on the move. It has got a size of just 313 x 215 x 130 mm. Use the button above to buy a unit of the Dolphin digital safe locker.

Why Should You Buy

  • Electronic Cash Box with Digital Keypad.
  • Removable Plastic Coin and Currency Trays.
  • Compact and Handy Electronic Safe Locker.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best electronic safe lockers for home in India. Of course, there are many more models on the market, but we have compiled the best of the best to help you find your favorite model easily. The key purpose of a safe locker is to secure up your valuable things. Hence, there is no point in hesitating to spend money on it to get the best equipment out there. Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best electronic safe lockers for home in India. Share your thoughts in the comments before leaving this space.

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