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Best Electric Lawn Mowers in India: 10 Most Selling Electric Lawn Mowers

A lush lawn around your home, flat, apartment, or office will surely give you a refreshing experience. You get a chance to always enjoy the greenery. Also, a lawn is an amazing place for you to hang about in the evenings. But it is essential that you should keep the lawn tidy and neat with timely mowing and trimming. Well, here we have a list of the best electric lawn mowers in India.

There is indeed a wide range of electric lawn mowers on the Indian market. We have compiled this list after a detailed study of all the possible models. So, you are lucky enough to go through the best of the best models below. Stay tuned after the break and get one of the best lawn mowers to keep your green garden in style.

An electric lawn mower is an easy-to-use device. Though a wired model, an electric mower is great for ideally taking care of your lovely lawns and gardens. An electric mower creates no mess by leaving a creaking noise or emitting gagging smoke, which you couldn’t bear in your residential premises.

Also, you could handle an electric mower yourself. You don’t need to hire a gardener to do the job. Just pulling the mower across the garden, you could perfectly mow and trim down the overgrown grasses.

By the way, apart from the corded mowers, there are also new battery-powered models on the market today. They are similarly brilliant in performance but cost a bit higher apparently because of the included high-quality battery packs. We would like to include the best battery-operated mowers as well on our list.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers in India

Generally, electric lawn mowers – both corded and battery-powered – are relatively pricier. You get rather cheaper gas-based models, but an electric one is a perfect onetime investment, indeed. Why should you buy an electric mower when you have cheap gasoline alternatives?

An electric mower is great because its operating cost is less. Also, for smaller and medium lawns, an electric mower is the finest pick in the long run. It is much silent and, what’s more, it doesn’t need usual maintenance like changing spark plugs and oil. Anyway, below we have the list of the best electric lawn mowers in India.

1. Black+Decker Electric 1200W Lawn Mower

We are glad to start our list of the best electric lawn mowers with a popular Black + Decker model. It is a 1200W lightweight and powerful model with an ergonomic design and a range of other innovative features including a bike handle for easy handling. Of course, it is one of the best lawn mowers you could get on the market today.

This Black + Decker comes with an E-Drive cutting system that offers a high-performance mowing experience. Similarly, it has got a 35-liter grass box with a window so you could see when it would fill up, letting you empty it at the best time. With its durable design and sturdy wheels, it is indeed worth buying.

Black+Decker Electric 1200W Lawn Mower

The 1200-watt corded lawn mower offers a 10-meter cable. That would help you easily cover a wide stretch of your lawn with the machine. It has got an onboard cable storage facility as well. Therefore, you could handle it freely with no cable mess. When it comes to popularity, it is indeed one of the best-sellers of the kind.

Notable Features

  • 1200W Ideal Electric Lawn Mower.
  • Easy to Use with Built-In Bike Handle.
  • Durable Design and Heavy-Duty Wheels.
  • 35-Liter Grass Box With Window. 
  • Perfect for Small Lawns and Homeowners.

2. Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower – 16-in Blades

This Sharpex product is another one of the best electric lawn mowers in India. This is a highly-powerful 16-inch lawn mower with a 220V single-phase 2HP motor. Notably, it highlights a grinding attachment to resharpen the blade and it has ball bearing in wheels to ensure a smoother mowing experience.

You could use this to mow decently larger lawns that stretch up to 10000-sq-ft. Also, the equipment features a foldable handle so that you could store it in a small place comfortably. Use the link below for its latest price.

Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower - 16-in Blades

This Sharpex lawn mower comes with a number of accessories. Apart from the grinding attachment, you get a grass catcher, a 30-meter fluorescent cable, a toolkit, an additional blade, cleaning cloth, and a brush. The grass catcher is quite spacious so that it could store a good quantity of grass.

Thus, you could easily cover a large area of lawn before emptying the box. This is somewhat costlier than the above Black + Decker model simply because it is a piece of more powerful equipment. Also, this mower could offer you a feather-touch mowing experience.

Sharpex sells more advanced versions of this lawn mower. First, you get a 3-phase variant of the same model. Further, it has got a pair of 18-in models with one and three-phase motors for more advanced uses. Certainly, this 16-inch model, the cheapest of the set, is the best model for homeowners, who have a good lawn.

Notable Features

  • Handy and Comfortable Lawn Mower. 
  • Mess-Free Mowing Experience. 
  • Spacious and Detachable Grass Box.
  • 16-Inch Blade with Built-In Sharpener.
  • Lightweight,  Easy Maintenance

3. Makita 1400W Electric Lawn Mower

We have Makita’s much popular mower as the next model on our list of the best electric lawn mowers in India. This 1.8HP machine is one of the cheapest and lightweight of the kind on our list today. Certainly, a lightweight machine is the best solution for easy and convenient operation on a small lawn.

Of course, the Makita mower is not a good choice for larger lawns. However, its ergonomic design helps you easily push the machine along the lawn. Use the link below to check out its latest price and order a unit.

Makita 1400W Electric Lawn Mower

The Makita has got an easily foldable handle. So you could store it in a small room after use. Specs-wise, this is 1400W mower with a cutting width of 37cm. And it touts a 35L grass box to collect the chopped grass. Further, it has got strong and durable wheels, which could comfortably move it along.

Well, this Makita mower has attracted a lot of reviews on all key retail sites in India. Perhaps, its relatively low price would have gained it more takers. Its customer rating is quite good with over four stars on Amazon.

Notable Features

  • Handy and Convenient Lawn Mower. 
  • 1400W Ideal Lawn Mower for Small Lawns.
  • Affordable and Very Lightweight Mower.
  • Easily Foldable Frame for Quick Storage.
  • 35-Liter Grass Box.

4. Bosch ARM-37 1400-Watt Lawn Mower

Next, we have a brilliant product from Bosch on our list of the best electric lawn mowers in India. As you see, it is a 1400W device with a nice design and durable build. With a cutting width of 37 cm, it is indeed an amazing choice for both large-sized and medium-sized lawns out there.

The Bosch certainly highlights a powerful mechanism to ensure a quick and efficient mowing. Its 1400W motor and unique gear set work together to ensure the perfect operation of the blade by changing the torque provided by the motor. Thus, when the cutting goes tougher with increased load, it would elevate the performance.

Bosch ARM-37 1400-Watt Lawn Mower

The Bosch lawn mower features rotary blades for perfecting cutting. The device overall weighs 12kg so that you could easily move it along on its durable and sturdy wheels. The grass box capacity is 40-liter, letting you work for a long time before emptying the box. Overall, you get yet another nice mower in the Indian market.

Notable Features

  • Durable and Handy Lawn mower. 
  • 1400-Watt Motor and 21 Nm Torque. 
  • Perfect for Large-Sized Lawns. 
  • Compact Design and Sturdy Wheels.
  • 40-Liter Grass Box.

5. BKR 300 Electric Lawn Mower

This is the smallest and cheapest model on our list of the best electric lawn mowers in India. Specs-wise, this is a 1000-watt lawn mower with an induction motor for highly efficient performance. It comes up with a manual push option to perfectly cut the grass in a small lawn or garden.

You could set three height levels with this BKR lawn mower. Further, the equipment features a cutting width of 300 mm and the included grass box is a 25-liter one. That is what makes it an ideal option for maintaining your small lawns in beauty and lush. Check out the link below to order a unit of the equipment.

BKR 300 Electric Lawn Mower

The BKR electric mower is known for an effortless and even cutting experience. You could just roll it over your garden easily as it weighs very less. The equipment also features a strong foldable handle and durable wheels to ensure a rather amazing mowing experience, for sure. Its stylish green color also adds to its charm.

Notable Features

  • Compact and Handy Lawn Mower. 
  • 1000-Watt Motor with Better Performance. 
  • Perfect for Small Lawns and Gardens. 
  • Small Design and Sturdy Wheels.
  • 25-Liter Grass Box for Debris. 

6. Kisan Kraft 1400-Watt Electric Lawn Mower

The next one on our list comes up from KisanKraft, a top player in the farming tools and equipment industry in India. As you see in the title, it is 1400W electric lawn mowers with a lot of takers across the country. It is a very cute and easy-to-use lawn mower that you could handle quite smoothly.

The equipment is capable of cutting the grass from a height of 30mm to 70mm. It features a cutting width of 400 mm and it equips a 50L grass box to store the debris. Check out the button below for its latest price.

Kisan Kraft 1400-Watt Electric Lawn Mower

Inside the KisanKraft lawn mower features a 1400W 1.8HP induction motor that could ensure you an effortless and even cutting experience. Design-wise, it has got four durable roller wheels and a stronger metal handle to let you easily manage the equipment in your lawn and garden.

Notable Features

  • Stylish, Compact, and Handy Lawn Mower.
  • 1400W 1.8HP Motor for Perfect Grass Cutting.
  • Ideal for Small Lawns and Gardens.
  • Lightweight Design and Strong Roller Wheels.
  • 50-Liter Large Grass Box for Waste.

7. Neptune 1800W Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

We have another nice product on our list of the best electric lawn mowers in India. It is from Neptune Simply Farming, a Madhya Pradesh-based firm in developing various agricultural solutions. The tool is a powerful 1800W electric lawn mower with a cutting width of 400 and a cutting height from 25mm to 75 mm.

It is actually a self-propelled system. So, it needs no manual effort in cutting the grass. It offers very efficient performance, thanks to the sharp and precise metal blades. Further, it features a high-quality ignition system for easy and quick start-up. Check out its price on the link below.

Neptune 1800W Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Moreover, the lawn mower highlights the rear roller for a striped effect. And there is a full collection indicator and a handle with a soft grip to increase comfort in its handling. The strong wheels also add to the easiness.

Above all, the Neptune lawn mower sports a 50L large storage bag for the debris. That is quite enough to store the removed grass for a long time and increase efficiency in cutting. Overall, you get a really nice lawn mower that is good for both professional and homely use.

Notable Features

  • 1800W Powerful Electric Lawn Mower. 
  • Self-Propelled Machine for Increased Efficiency.
  • Ideal for Professional and Homely Use.
  • Lightweight Design and Solid Roller Wheels.
  • 50-Liter Large Grass Box for Debris. 

8. Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower – 18-in Blades

Sharpex is indeed a reliable brand in offering a variety of agricultural tools and equipment. Its series of electric lawn mowers are well-known. We already have a look at its 16-in model above. Here we have a top-end model with 18-in metal blades. This is evidently better for large lawns and gardens.

The Sharpex highlights heat-treated blades made of quality alloy steel. That is how they will stay sharper for a longer time, letting you enjoy more efficiency in grass cutting. It has got a spinning blade that will rotate like a helicopter to ensure more professionalism in mowing. Check out the link for its latest price.

Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower - 18-in Blades

Specs-wise, it is a powerful lawn mower with a single-phase 220V 2.5HP motor. That blades, as said above, are razor sharp 18-inch units. And it integrates a spacious 55-liter grass collector box, which is detachable. Plus, it features four highly durable roller wheels with metal rims.

It is easy to handle the mower. It features multiple handle height positions. They make it easily manageable for all types of users. Plus, it shows off a slim and compact frame and the handles are foldable after use for quick storage. Overall, you get a really wonderful piece of lawn mower from Sharpex.

Notable Features

  • Handy and Comfortable Lawn Mower.
  • Spacious and Detachable 55L Grass Box.
  • 18-Inch Blades Made of Alloy Steel.
  • Handle with Multiple Height Positions.
  • Durable Wheels with Metal Gear Rim.

9. Makita 1800W Electric Lawn Mower

Above we have a look at the 1400-watt variant of Makita lawn mower. Here is a more advanced and powerful 1800W lawn mover from the leading brand. The machine has a cutting width of 460 mm and it offers multiple cutting height levels at 20mm, 32mm, 44mm, 60mm, and 75 mm.

Moreover, the Makita features a propelling speed of 3.6km/h. The device is recommended for a mowing area of 1,000m². Plus, it has got a large grass box of 60 liters. Check out the latest price and availability details of the lawn mower on the link below.

Makita 1800W Electric Lawn Mower

If you have a wide lawn and spacious garden, you get the right piece of equipment with this Makita product. You could use it to mow the grass in a professional way at a rather faster pace. It is one of the powerful and top-notch lawn mowers you could find on the market today.

The mower has an easy-to-handle system. It features a large knob with an easy grip. And the roller wheels are stylish PVC units that are certainly durable and solid. The plastic front cover could safeguard the steel deck.

Notable Features

  • Powerful 1800-Watt Lawn Mower.
  • Perfect for Large Lawns and Gardens. 
  • 5-Stage Adjustable Cutting Heights. 
  • Easy-to-Move and Durable Wheels.
  • Great Propelling Speed and Cutting Depth. 

10. GreenWorks Electric Lawn Mower 21-Inch

Finally, we have a battery-operated lawn mower from GreenWorks. The company is famous for its series of battery-based lawn mowers for both DIYers and professionals. Here we have one of its popular models on our list of the best electric lawn mowers in India. It is a 21-inch advanced and fast lawn mower.

The tool features a highly durable 21-inch deck. That will let you cover, bag, and side discharge allowing you to maintain lawns in style. It features a smart and innovative cutting technology that helps increase blade speeds. Check out the button below for its latest price and availability details.

GreenWorks Electric Lawn Mower 21-Inch

Moreover, the bundle features a pair of 2.5Ah 40V lithium batteries to power up the equipment. Well, thanks to its dual battery port design, you could keep one battery for storage and use the other one for cutting. That is how you could work on the lawn for a longer time.

Notable Features

  • Powerful Battery-Powered Lawn Mower.
  • Strong and Durable Durable 21-Inch Steel Deck. 
  • Innovative Smart Cut Technology.
  • Easy-to-Move and Durable Wheels.
  • Two 2 .5Ah – 40V Lithium Batteries Included. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best electric lawn mowers in India. There are indeed many more models from the same brands and others. We have tried our best to include the best models on this list so you could easily find one easily. All the models above are very popular on the leading retail sites. And they have also attracted good customer feedback, in turn. So, it would be a great idea for you to go to any of the above models.

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