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Best Electric Egg Boilers in India: 6 Incredible Electric Egg Boilers for Home

Are you looking at buying an electric boiler to cook eggs in a quick and easy way? Then, you are in the right place. We are here with a list of the best electric egg boilers in India. If you are a bachelor or someone who wants to take multiple egg whites for protein after a workout session, an electric boiler will be a fortune.

Though an easy job, egg boiling may be a little bit tricky for someone who wants to cook multiple eggs at a consistent level. In normal egg boiling in a pot on a gas or other stove, there are indeed several well-known challenges. First of all, as said above, you may find it hard to cook all the eggs at a consistent range.

Plus, if you put multiple eggs in a pot, you will have at least one or two eggs with cracked shells. And even the egg contents would be pulled out. Besides, it is tough to predict the right cooking time of eggs in a pot. Yes, five to eight minutes are quite enough to boil eggs. But many a time, you may fail to manage it.

Here, an electric egg boiler works quite automatically. You just need to place eggs on a tray, fill the water, and press a button. You will have the eggs ready in a few minutes.

Best Electric Egg Boilers in India

Many brands offer impressive egg boilers on the Indian market. Since the basic idea behind an egg boiler is the same, there is not a wide variety of products out there. Maybe, most of the models may look similar in the form and look. But you have the machines for cooking different numbers of eggs.

Commonly, there are 7-egg boilers on the market, but there are also models for ten or plus eggs. Some also tout the facilities for cooking the poached eggs, omelets, steamed vegetables, and more. Anyway, below is our list of the best electric egg boiler in India. Stay tuned to find your favorite model at an amazing price.

1. Kent Egg Boiler 360-Watt

We are excited to start the list with a product from Kent. It is a 360-watt 7-egg boiler tool. With a touch of a button, it can help boil eggs in three modes – soft, medium, and hard. That is, you get quality boiled eggs in different cooking range with no cracks.

The Kent device features a stainless -steel heating plate inside. That is what helps it evenly distribute heat so that eggs will get boiled perfectly in a few minutes. It is indeed an ideal choice for home, hostel rooms, and travels. Check out the latest price of the boiler below.


The Kent boiler features an automatic shutdown facility. Once the eggs are boiled as per the setting, it will turn off automatically. So, you don’t need to wait for cooking to end. You can just place the eggs, turn it on, and move to other jobs. You will get the eggs ready after the stipulated time.

Notable Features

  • Ideal 360-Watt 7-Egg Boiler Appliance. 
  • Soft, Medium, and Hard Modes Available.
  • Easy-to-Use and Automatic Shutdown.
  • Stainless-Steel Heating Plate.
  • Ideal for Home, Travels, and Hostels.

2. Tormeti Double Layer Egg Boiler

Next, we have a big egg boiler with dual racks that can support up to 14 eggs simultaneously. It is actually a two-in-one product as it can both boil eggs and prepare yummy omelettes. Well, with the electric egg boiler, you get a unit of PP cover, a food-grade steam rack, a water measuring cup, and two egg trays.

It is a very simple job to boil eggs with the device. You just need to fill water in the heating plate and place the eggs on the tray. Just on the press of a button, it will start working. Once the eggs are ready, a buzzer will sound to let you know. Check out its current price on the link below.


Of course, the boiler will help you cook so many eggs with less water and by saving a lot of your time. You don’t need to wait to turn off the device as the eggs are ready, thanks to its automatic shut-off feature. At the same time, you don’t need to employ another pan to prepare omelets.

Coming to the specs, the Tormeti is a 350W machine. And it has a size of 7.87 x 7.87 x 9.84 inches. It will only take up a small room on your kitchen countertop, but you get the eggs cooked in a perfect way.

Notable Features

  • 350W Dual Rack Egg Boiler for 14 Eggs.
  • 2-in-1 Egg Boiler and Omelette Maker.
  • Easy-to-Use and Automatic Shutdown.
  • Made of Quality Food-Grade ABS Plastic.
  • Ideal for Home, Travels, and Restaurants.

3. Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01

The next pick on our list of the best electric egg boilers in India is from Prestige, a famous home appliance maker. It is a 360W boiler with the facility for cooking up to seven eggs at the same time. Well, it highlights three boiling modes – soft, medium, and hard.

The Prestige boiler has got a more solid metal base. The top cover is indeed a high-quality transparent one. The included egg tray and other items are also of good quality. If you are looking for a premium quality egg boiler for your kitchen or travels, it is certainly a good choice to go for. Check out its price below.


Along with the boiler comes a multi-measure cup to let you easily manage the desired cooking level of the eggs. You have the cup with markings for the amount of water to be poured to the boiler for various levels of egg boiling in the stipulated time.

Moreover, you have it with an egg pin. So, you just need to poke the eggs with the pin, place in the tray, and pour the right amount of water. That is enough. You will get the eggs ready for eating in a few minutes. It is such a super cool appliance for boiling eggs, for sure.

Notable Features

  • 360-Watt Premium Quality Electric Egg Boiler.
  • Ideal for Cooking Seven Eggs at the Same Time.
  • Three Boiling Levels – Soft, Medium, and Hard.
  • Simple One-Touch Operation for Boiling Eggs.
  • Multi-Measure Cup to Manage Water Levels.

4. Inalsa Egg Boiler Chic 360W

Here is yet another premium quality electric egg boiler. It is from the famous home appliance brand, Inalsa. The 360-watt device is more than an egg boiler. You can use it to steam vegetables as well as boil water. So, if you are a health-conscious and regular taker of salads, it is an amazing choice for you.

Well, the Inalsa product is indeed an easy-to-use egg boiler. On a single press of a button, you can cook up to seven eggs at once. It highlights a boil dry and overheating protection to safeguard the user. Moreover, thanks to its food-grade stainless-steel materials, you can surely enjoy safe cooking.


Further, like all other egg boilers above, it comes with a transparent cover so that you can see through the cooking process. Plus, it has the heating element concealed for increased safety.

The boiler also comes with a quality measure cup. So, you can pour the right amount of water required for the level of cooking. The included egg pin is a way you can safely put a hole on the egg to prevent it from cracking during boiling.

Notable Features

  • 360W Superior Quality Electric Egg Boiler.
  • Capable of Cooking Up to Seven Eggs at Once.
  • All-in-One – Doubling as a Vegetable Steamer.
  • Quality Measure-Cup for Managing Water Levels.
  • Ideal Egg Boiler for Kitchens, Hotels, and Travels.

5. Russell Hobbs 300W Fully Automatic Egg Boiler

We have the next model on our list of the best electric egg boiler in India from Russell Hobbs, a famous British home appliance maker. Its 300-watt product is one of its kind on the market as it is a multi-purpose device. Yes, alongside boiling up to six eggs, it can cook two poaches at the same time.

Of course, you get the Russell Hobbs egg boiler with an egg tray and two pieces of poaching pans. So, you can make a variety of healthy egg dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and more with this multi-function appliance. It is an ideal choice for homes, hostels, hotel rooms, and travels, for sure.


Like all the similar products, the Russell Hobbs highlights three cooking modes; soft, medium, and hard. To let you easily manage the modes, you have it with a measuring cup. So, you can easily adjust the amount of water required for the right level of cooking of your eggs inside the chamber.

For enhanced safety, the appliance offers dry boil protection and an auto shut-off feature. Hence, you have nothing to worry about your safety as well as the cooking time. Everything goes smoothly soon after you press on a button. The appliance is also very stylish in look with a transparent cover and white base.

Notable Features

  • 300W Fully Automatic Electric Egg Boiler.
  • Capable of Cooking Up to Six Eggs at Once.
  • Two Poaching Pans for Making Poachs Alongside.
  • Quality Measure-Cup for Managing Water Levels.
  • Ideal Choice for Homes, Hotel Rooms, and Travels.

6. Simxen Electric Egg Boiler 350W

Simxen’s 7-egg boiler is yet another top-seller electric egg steamer in India. It is actually a 350W appliance made of food-grade plastic and other quality materials. The device is expected to boil your eggs in just ten minutes on a single touch of a button.

It is indeed an amazing solution to cook eggs on a consistent cooking level. Since it prepares the eggs with no oil and fat, it is certainly an amazing choice for health-conscious people out there. Check out the latest price of the Simxen electric egg boiler below.


Apart from the electric egg boiler, the bundle includes a steaming bowl, a transparent PP cover, and a water measuring cup. As in the case of other models on our list, the measuring cup is meant to help you set the right quantity of water for different cooking levels of the eggs inside the chamber.

Of course, the egg boiler integrates all the vital safety features, including a boil dry feature that helps shut off the device automatically when your eggs are ready. Made with quality ABS plastic, the overall design is indeed very safe and durable. Design-wise, the machine comes in a fashionable and stylish color.

Notable Features

  • Ideal 350-Watt 7-Egg Boiler Device. 
  • Soft, Medium, and Hard Modes Available.
  • Boil Dry Protection with Auto Shut-Off. 
  • Quality Stainless-Steel Heating Plate. 
  • Perfect for Home, Travels, and Hostels.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best electric egg boilers in India. We have tried out to include all the best egg boilers on the market today. There are indeed a lot of other boilers and steamers, but our researchers have hand-picked a few of the best ones from the best brands out there.

Hence, the list includes different varieties of electric egg boilers. That compilation will surely help you find a model that meets your needs perfectly. You can pick a model from our list with no worry because the list is curated well in order to make sure that it contains only the best of the best. Share your thoughts in the comments, by the way.

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