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Best Electric Chainsaws in India: 5 Best Electric Chainsaws for Homeowners and DIYers

A chainsaw is an incredible cutting tool. The mechanical saw lets you cut woods and prune tree branches. There are mainly two types of chainsaws; electric and fueled. An electric chainsaw is indeed an ideal pick for weekend warriors or homeowners, and so we are here with a list of the best electric chainsaws in India.

Fuel chainsaws are commonly meant for professional sawyers. Thanks to their two-stroke petrol internal combustion engines, they can provide immense power and force. It is when an electric chainsaw, powered by either a battery or power cord, is the right choice for home-based small-scale uses.

Well, if you have an electric chainsaw in your home tool room, it will be quite easy for you to carry out many tasks like cutting firewoods, pruning branches, repairing the furniture, and more. Of course, it is quite easy to handle an electric chainsaw. You can just plug it into a power socket and perform cutting tasks at ease.

Best Electric Chainsaws in India

As you see, electric chainsaws are commonly available in two options; wired and wireless. If you need a chainsaw for use only on the premises of your home, the wired one is fine. You can simply plug it into a wall socket and start using it. For portable or remote use, the cordless model is a must.

But the cordless one works on battery and so is not as much reliable as its wired variant, however.

Here, we would like to bring to you some of the best electric chainsaws in the Indian market. It is actually not a tough job to identify a model because there is only a limited number of electric chainsaws out there. Only a few brands sell homeowner-friendly electric chainsaws. Stay tuned for our list below.

1. Hitachi CS40Y Electric Chainsaw

The first model on our list is a 2000W lightweight and robust electric chainsaw from Hitachi. It is certainly a good pick for first-time users as well as casual lumberjacks. You can use the 16-in chainsaw to do all casual tasks around your home like cutting firewood, trimming tree branches, and more.

The Hitachi product comes up with a safety guard. The maker has specially designed it to safeguard your hands from a possible kickback. In such a condition, the chain will stop operation in no time and ensure you are safe. Follow the button below to check out its latest price.

Inside, the equipment integrates a powerful motor to ensure a smoother cutting experience. Plus, it has got a strong and sturdy guide bar to help you easily handle its operation. Further, like all similar models, it features an integrated oiler to timely provide lubrication to the chain and bar.

Overall, what you get is a powerful electric chainsaw from Hitachi. As you see, you can connect it to a 230V outlet and start operating it. Its stylish blue handle also adds to its look and feel.

Notable Features

  • 2000-Watt Electric Chainsaw.
  • Lightweight and Handy Design.
  • Low-Maintenance Chainsaw.
  • Guard to Safeguard User’s Hands.
  • Perfect Pick for Homeowners.

2. iBell 1800W Electric Chainsaw

Here we have another best electric chainsaw in India from iBell. As you see, this is an 1800-watt 16-in bar and chain equipment with an ergonomic inline engine design that can provide the user with better control and balance while using, for sure. It has got a simple chain tensioning feature.

By the way, the equipment highlights an easy-to-see chain brake alert system. It will let the user get notified as soon as the chain brake is activated. Sure, it will help you enjoy a rather convenient experience in cutting and trimming several things. Visit the link below to check out its price.


By the way, the iBell chainsaw features an automatic oiler. That will keep the bar and chain well lubricated to reduce the possible wear and ensure a longer life as a result. Overall, what you get is a nice chainsaw with amazing cutting performance and less kickback.

Notable Features

  • 1800-Watt Electric Chainsaw.
  • Lightweight and Handy Profile.
  • Ergonomic Inline Engine Design.
  • Perfect Pick for Homeowners.
  • Easy-to-See Chain Crake Alert System.

3. ToolsCentre Oregon 2400W Electric Chainsaw

Here is another best electric chainsaw in India. This ToolCentre device comes with a more powerful 2400W 15A motor. Also, it an 18-in chainsaw with a reduced kickback effect. What’s more, the tool highlights an exclusive self-sharpening technology. All these features certainly make it a brilliant pick for all your needs.

Moreover, the ToolsCentre Oregon chainsaw features a tool-less chain tension system and a built-in brake for enhanced safety. Its lightweight and ergonomic profile is another attractive thing with the electric chainsaw. You can easily carry it on its comfortable handle and do all types of cutting tasks effortlessly.

ToolsCentre Oregon 2400W Electric Chainsaw

You get the chainsaw in a kit of multiple tools, including a pair of gloves, glasses, and more. The Oregon chainsaw packs all traditional features of a typical electrical saw, including quick start, low noise, and less maintenance. It is indeed silent than a gas stove, letting you do all cutting jobs around your home ideally.

Notable Features

  • 2400-Watt High Power Electric Chainsaw.
  • Built-In Exclusive Self-Sharpening Technology.
  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioning System.
  • Ergonomic and Easy-to-Use Profile. 
  • 18-Inch Chain with Reduced Kickback. 

4. Stihl 1900W High-Performance Electric Chainsaw

We have yet another incredible electric chainsaw from the brand Stihl. It is a 1900-watt powerful device with a highly efficient performance. You can use it for all home cutting tasks comfortably. This has got a very handy and lightweight profile so that even first-time users can handle it hassle-free.

Well, the Stihl electric chainsaw has a host of advanced features. First of all, it comes up with a chain quick tensioning system. Yes, it will help you adjust the chain after releasing the sprocket cover simply with a thumbwheel without any tools. Use the button below to check out its latest price and buy a unit.


Moreover, for enhanced safety, the equipment has got a QuickStop super chain brake system. Well, it works as soon as the user’s hand loses contact with the rear handle. Further, its built-in oil tank carries a tool-less cap so you can effortlessly open and close it. The tank is also transparent so you can see if it is empty.

Notable Features

  • 1900-Watt High Power Electric Chainsaw.
  • Chain Quick Tensioning Technology. 
  • QuickStop Super Chain Brake for Enhanced Safety. 
  • Tool-Less Oil Tank Cap and Transparent Tank. 
  • Ergonomic and Easy-to-Use Design.

5. RajWeld Turtle 1400W Electric Chainsaw

Here is another reliable electric chainsaw in India from a brand called RajWeld. The RajWeld Turtle is a 1400W powerful chainsaw with a handy and lightweight profile. You can use it to perform your small cutting tasks at home easily. The equipment has got a 16-inch chain and a strong guide bar.

Of course, like all similar chainsaws out there, it highlights a host of safety features. So, you can easily use it at home. Even a first-time user can manage to do such tasks with no much risk. Follow the button to check out the latest price of RajWeld Turtle electric chainsaw and order a unit of it.

RajWeld Turtle 1400W Electric Chainsaw

This is a high-performance and silent electric chainsaw. Also, it features a low-kickback chain to safeguard your hands. The tool is perfect for smooth and fast cutting whether it is a piece of live log or dry wood. Plus, you can enjoy a comfortable hand grip experience by firmly wrapping around the handle while cutting.

Notable Features

  • 1400-Watt Electric Chainsaw for Homeowners. 
  • High-Performance and Silent Electric Chainsaw.
  • Low-Kickback Chain with Extra Safety Features. 
  • Ergonomic and Easy-to-Use Profile.

6. Makita Electric Chainsaw UC4041A

Next, we have an incredible product from Makita, a famous tool and equipment vendor in India. This model works on an 1800-watt motor and is up with a range of advanced features. Remarkably, it comes with an adjustment lever to easily adjust the saw chain and tension without a tool.

Moreover, the Makita chainsaw highlights a chain oil pump that can provide oil to the chain automatically. The included spike bumper is so large that it can firmly grip the workpiece to offer you better control and stability. Use the button below to check out its latest price.


What’s more, the Makita electric chainsaw features a mechanical chain brake for better safety. So, if you fail to do the job in the right way, it will stop the chain running to protect your hand. Further, the device has got an ergonomic soft grip so that you can comfortably use it to do the cutting tasks at home.

Notable Features

  • 1800-Watt Electric Chainsaw for Homeowners. 
  • New Adjustment Lever for Easy Tool-Less Adjustment. 
  • Low-Kickback Chain with Extra Safety Features. 
  • Ergonomic and Easy-to-Use Profile.
  • Mechanical Chain Brake and Ergonomic Soft Grip.

7. Aimex 1400W Powerful 16-in Electric Chainsaw

Here is another attractive electric chainsaw. The Aimex machine is absolutely one of the top-sellers of the kind. If you are looking at taking care of your garden plants and trees regularly, this is a great solution as it will help you easily cut off the overgrown branches for ensuring neatness.

As its title says, the Aimex is a 1400W electric chainsaw with a standard 16-in bar, saw, and an integrated oiler system. It has got an inline engine as well as a chain brake alert feature for enhanced performance. Overall, you get a brilliant electric chainsaw that you can buy from the link below.

The electric saw has got a lightweight profile. Even a first-time user can handle it with no much hassle. You can keep a unit of it at your home for cutting firewood and trimming and clearing tree branches.

The machine is a low-maintenance model, by the way. As it features a built-in oiler system, it can keep the chain and bar well-lubricated constantly. The included tension system also smoothens its performance.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best electric chainsaw. Hope it will help you find the best electric chainsaws in India and carry out your cutting jobs easily. Well, we didn’t come across a reliable battery-powered cordless electric chainsaw in the Indian market. Instead, we have included some outstanding wired models, which are popular on the market. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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