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Best Chaff Cutter Machines in India: 5 Most Reliable Chaff Cutter Machines

Looking to buy a chaff cutter machine? We have a lot of large-scale and small-time makers of chaff cutters and other heavy-duty machines all across India. But you couldn’t find many models online as their makers mostly sell such products offline. Here we have a list of the best chaff cutter machines in India for you.

The chaff cutter machines are meant to chop all types of green and dry fodder into smaller pieces. So, they will come out to be rather chewable and digestible to your livestock. That is why a reliable chaff cutter machine is a must-have piece of equipment on your farm or even homes with a large number of cattle.

As you know, these machines are capable of perfectly chopping the fodder from a variety of plants like paddy, sugarcane, Bajra, and more. You get the fodder in small pieces that are quick for your animals to swallow and digest. Thus, the chaff cutters are essential for dairy farms, feed makers, jute industries and etc.

Best Chaff Cutter Machines in India

You get chaff cutter machines in a variety of options. They are electric, fuel, and even manual machines. Some makers also offer chaff cutters that work both on a motor or a manual crank. Of course, a motor-based one is the best for large-scale use on a farm. We have some of the best chaff cutter machines in India below.

1. Bharath King Chaff Cutter with 2HP Motor

We would like to start the list with a great product from Bull Agro Implements. It is a Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-based firm that has been into the exporting of a variety of farm equipment and tools since 1998. Its line of products notably includes rotary tillers, hydraulic reversible plough, fertilizer spreaders, and more.

Here we have the company’s much-touted chaff cutter with a 2-HP single-phase electric motor. The machine equips superior-quality blades to ensure a uniform cutting of the fodder with low consumption of the power. Check out the link below for its latest price on Amazon and availability details.

Its motor has a speed of 1440 RPM and it could offer an output of 300 kg to 400 kg per hour. The Bharath King Chaff Cutter has a size of 1150 x 500 x 840 and it weighs 70 kgs.

Well, the equipment is a good choice for large-scale dairy farms and domestic farmhouses with cattle up to 15. You could use it to chop a variety of the commonly-used fodder crops including maize, paddy, sugarcane, and more. Whether wet or dry, it could perfectly chop the fodder into bits with less wastage.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2HP Powerful Chaff Cutter.
  • Superior-Quality Blades for Perfect Cutting.
  • Less Fodder Wastage.
  • 1440 RPM Motor and 480 RPM Rotor.
  • An Output of 300Kg to 400Kg an Hour.

2. Jay Bhavani Industries Chaff Cutter

Here is another 2HP chaff cutter. It is from a company called Jay Bhavani Industries, which is based in Gujarat. Founded in 1948, Jay Bhavani has been into the making of a variety of farming equipment. The brand makes a variety of chaff cutters. They include blower power, horizontal, and motor-operated chaff cutters.

As you see, here we have its popular motor-powered chaff cutter. Made with heavy-duty 6mm body, it could ensure you a high-quality cutting experience. It highlights the reverse and forward gearbox and is completely maintenance-free. Check out the link below for its price and availability.

Jay Bhavani Industries Chaff Cutter

Further, the Jay Bhavani chaff cutter features quality carbon steel blades and heavy-duty bolts for increased strength and efficiency. You could operate it with a tractor for chopping of the fodder for multi-purposes.

Its stylish car-finish color is another attraction. Coming in yellow and green, you get the chaff cutter with the same shine even after using for a long time, the company claims. Of course, it is one of the best chaff cutter machines in India, though not available on retail sites like Amazon.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2HP Powerful Chaff Cutter.
  • High-Quality Carbon Blades for Perfect Cutting.
  • An Output of 500Kg to 1000Kg an Hour.
  • Made of 6 MM Heavy Body.
  • Doubles as a Pulverizer As Well. 

3. Vidhata Chaff Cutter

Next, on our list of the best chaff cutter machines in India, we have a cool product from Vidhata. It is an Indian company that offers amazing chaff cutters and other farming equipment based on Brazil technology. Its line of chaff cutters will help you process food for cattle from fodder, grains, and more.

The Vidhata chaff cutter we have here for a review is, in fact, a piece of multi-purpose equipment. Along with being a chaff cutting machine, it could also act like a Dalia making machine, pulverizer machine, and roti flour maker. Overall, what you get is a perfect animal feed processor machine at a nice price.

vidhata chaff cutter

The heavy-duty equipment works on a 3HP single phase motor. It equips two blades and six pieces of moving hammers for perfect chopping. The tool is available in two versions with the electric and diesel motors. It looks like a well-engineered machine with fast cutting technology.

As you see, the Vidhata chaff cutter stands on a stronger metal frame. So, you could place it anywhere in your farm or garden securely and start chopping in a perfect way with less waste.

Why Should You Buy

  • 3HP Multi-Purpose Chaff Cutter.
  • Dalia Making Machine
  • Pulveriser Machine
  • Roti Flour Maker Machine.
  • Made of Heavy-Duty Metal Body.

4. AgriPro 3.6 HP Chaff Cutter Cum Pulverizer

Next, we have a 3.6HP chaff cutter cum pulverizer from a brand called Green Allianz Solutions. This is a Kerala-based company that delivers chaff cutters and other machines to several farm and garden equipment vendors across India. Thus, it is a very popular model that you could find with many other vendors in India.

As its name speaks, it is a chaff cutter cum pulverizer. It is a quality chaff cutter with superior blades for cutting a variety of fodder crops. Fine, you could use it for chopping paddy, all types of feeding grass, corn stalks, and more. At the same time, as a pulverizer, it is ideal for crushing maize, soya, peas, turmeric, and more.

Green Allianz Chaff Cutter Cum Pulverizer

The AgriPro chaff cutter is known for its powerful motor. It could offer a spindle speed of 1000 to 1100 RPM to ensure a fast chopping experience. Further, it notably features eight pieces of blades and 16 units of hammer blades for very effective operation. Check out the link above for its latest price.

There are several things that make this product attractive to dairy and poultry farms out there. Apart from its high cutting and crushing rate, it is known for consuming less electricity. Its stable and strong design with roller wheels further makes it one of the best chaff cutter machines in India.

Why Should You Buy

  • 3.6HP Chaff Cutter Cum Puverizer. 
  • High Chopping and Crushing Rates.
  • Less Consumption of Electricity. 
  • Made of Heavy-Duty Metal Body.
  • Strong Stand with Roller Wheels. 

5. Rajkumar’s Power Cum Hand-Operated Chaff Cutter

The next item on our list is a motor cum hand-operated chaff cutter. This is from Rajkumar Agro Engineers, a leading Indian maker, and exporter of agricultural machinery. Founded in 1984, the Maharashtra-based firm has been manufacturing and exporting a wide number of agro and food processing machines.

Well, it is a wonderful chaff cutter. You could operate it on its 1.5/2HP motor or by cranking the liver in case of a blackout. It comes up with heavy-duty M.S legs and braces. You could bolt it strongly to a surface, making its operation rather stable and perfect. Check out the link below for the latest price of the chaff cutter.

Rajkumar’s Power Cum Hand-Operated Chaff Cutter

Running on the motor, it could deliver an output of 200 to 300 kg an hour. It is when you could have an output of 100 to 200 kg by hand-driven. The equipment has got a very simple and easy-to-use set-up. The main shaft integrates the flywheel with two strong cutting blades.

If you are on a budget, the model of chaff cutter is a nice option. Also, if you don’t have a power generator on your farm, it would help you chop the fodder even during a blackout. There are indeed several takers for these types of manual chaff cutters. This model with a motor is certainly a nice choice for all of them.

Why Should You Buy

  • Motor Cum Hand-Powered Chaff Cutter. 
  • 1.5/2HP Motor for Faster Fodder Cutting.
  • Easy-to-Use Liver for Manual Cutting. 
  • Made of Stronger and Durable Metal. 
  • Perfect for Budget-Conscious Farm Owners.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best chaff cutter machines in India. We certainly have more chaff cutters on the market, but we have just compiled a few of the best-sellers. Of course, we would like to include more items to the list in the coming days. If you have some suggestions for inclusion, share them in comments. Also, share your thoughts about the listed products so that the readers could get a good idea about buying a model.

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