Best Cardio Equipment for Small Spaces: 7 Best Cardio Machines for Home and Offices

For a healthier lifestyle, a regular workout, or any physical activity is essential.

If you are a crazy morning walker or jogger, that is quite fine. If you are a regular visitor at the nearby gym, that is quite awesome. But if you are not able to find time for both or to do any other physical activities on a regular basis, you should at least spend half an hour doing cardio workouts at home or office.

Of course, there is a variety of cardio equipment for home on the market. If you have only a limited space in your home, you should find a cardio machine that suits your room. Here, we have a list of the best cardio equipment for small spaces on the Indian market.

There is indeed a new trend of setting mini home gyms in India. Gone are the days that we all thought that only gyms and health clubs could provide us with an actual workout experience. Today, if you have a will and a strong mindset, you can do workouts quite professionally at home itself.

Best Cardio Equipment for Small Spaces

A cardio machine is, of course, a minimum requirement in a home gym unless you are not in a situation to make a few rounds of running or jogging in a park. In that case, you can manage the other workouts with a few dumbbells and barbells. Otherwise, you need a cardio machine at the minimum.

Why cardio workout? Along with strength training, the cardio workout is very important. It can quickly ramp up your metabolism and give you a fresh and healthy life. Therefore, even if you miss out on weight training sessions, keep doing some cardio every day. That will keep you healthy, for sure.

As you know, there is a variety of cardio workout machines. They mainly comprise of treadmills, stair mills, rowers, spin bikes, elliptical, and more. We would like to include an affordable and popular variant of all key categories of cardio equipment on our list. Stay tuned for the best and compact cardio machines.

1. PowerMax TDM-98 Motorized Treadmill

We are glad to start the list with a treadmill. A treadmill is surely an ideal piece of cardio equipment. Unlike other cardio machines, a treadmill helps your body move the way it should ideally be. There is actually a big variety of home-friendly treadmills on the market.

On our list of best cardio equipment, we have a 1.5 HP motorized treadmill from PowerMax, a key vendor of treadmills in India. Certainly, this is one of the most-reviewed treadmills out there with a lot of home-based workout enthusiasts as takers. It is a rather cheaper model, as well. Check out its price below.

It is a perfect machine for a home with limited space. PowerMax has made it compact, foldable, and lighter so that it takes up only a small room in your home or office. Coming to other features, the treadmill enjoys several advanced things like an LCD display that shows the speed, distance, time, heart rate, and etc.

Moreover, it highlights 12 preset workout options that help you set different workout modes for endurance training, weight loss training, and etc. Overall, PowerMax TDM 98 is one of the best cardio equipment for small spaces at an affordable price.

Notable Features

  • Affordable Motorized Treadmill: It costs lakhs of rupees for a hi-tech motorized treadmill. But this PowerMax home-friendly motorized treadmill is available at an affordable price and so it becomes a cool choice for you to do cardio from the comfort of your home.
  • Preset Workout Programs: As said above, it is one of the key attractions of the PowerMax treadmill. It comes with as many as 12 preset workout options so you can set different workout modes easily. That will give you a chance to do the workouts with the best results, of course.

2. Kamachi Heavy-Duty Rowing Machine

If you want to do some serious cardio workout, rowing is indeed a good option. Rowing is a great workout that engages as many as nine muscle groups in your body for every stroke. In fact, rowing has a full-body action and so it is a little bit tough for someone to perform it every day.

However, a fitness freat will love to have a good rowing machine at home. There is indeed a large variety of rowings machines on the market, which are friendly for home and office uses. We would like to recommend Kamachi’s popular rowing machine on this list as it is available at an affordable price.

Kamachi’s rowing machine is ideally crafted to offer you good strength and an effective cardio workout experience. You could achieve your home workout goals easily with this compact rower.

Though a basic rowing machine, it highlights a host of advanced features. Most notably, it comes up with an integrated LCD screen to show time, calories, and etc. Made of the heavy-duty metal frame, it ensures enhanced durability and stability for long life in your home or office.

Moreover, the Kamachi equipment offers great comfort to the user. It has got a large padded seat that can ensure that you could row quite comfortably on it and enjoy workouts at home with more fun.

Notable Features

  • Affordable and Comfortable: The most lovely thing with the Kamachi rower is its price. You get this highly durable and effective rower at an affordable price. Remember that it is not a high-tech machine designed for professional gyms.
  • Strongly Built Rower: It is, of course, a strongly built rowing machine. As put it above, it features strong and sturdy metal frames. Also, you have the rower with anti-slip pedals as well as adjustable foot straps. So it turns out to be a good rowing machine to achieve your cardio goals at home.

3. Cardio Max JSB Magnetic Fitness Bike

Of course, a fitness bike is the best cardio equipment for small spaces. The smaller footprint of a spin bike makes it an incredible choice for a home or office mini gym in a limited space. Here, we have Cardio Max’s JSB magnetic fitness bike, which is one of the top-sellers of the kind on the Indian market.

You get this advanced bike at a really affordable price. The heavy-duty fitness bike offers you an amazing cycling experience, thanks to its 4kg flyweight. Check out the latest price of the Cardio Max bike below.

The Cardio Max fitness bike highlights a display to show different statuses on your cycling action. It shows time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse. Moreover, it highlights an eight-tension control so you can adjust the strength as per your comfort.

Thanks to its compact design, you can easily fix the cycle inside your home and it is surely a good pick for both male and female fitness enthusiasts. The cycle can carry a person weighing up to 100 kgs.

Notable Features

  • Simple Cardio Equipment: A fitness bike is an easy-to-go cardio machine for small spaces. As put it above, you can place a bike anywhere in your home as it takes up only a small room. Further, its function is also super simple. You just have to pedal it to gain your fitness goals.
  • Most Popular Cardio Machine: Thanks to its easy function and cheaper price, a fitness bike is a very common cardio machine. Many fitness enthusiasts, though regular gym-goers, keep a fitness bike at home. That is how they manage to do cardio on the days they skip the gym.

4. Allyson Fitness 2-in-1 Orbitrek Elliptical

An elliptical is actually a low-impact cardio machine. Compared to other cardio equipment on the market, an elliptical is infamous for its incompetence in using natural body movements for cardio. However, it is widely recommended for the cardio health of patients as well as the elderly.

Here, we have Allyson Fitness’ 2-in-1 Orbitrek elliptical on our list of best cardio equipment for homes. It is a piece of compact equipment that incorporates the features of sitting pedaling and standing rowing. Fine, it can stimulate running and walking experience indoors with zero impact. Check out its price below.

Yes, as per its maker,  this elliptical makes zero impact on your joints and knees. Also, a 10-minute workout on it is around 300% more effective than a walk of the same time. Moreover, it helps warm up all the major muscle groups of your body, including shoulders, abs, arms, chest, thighs, and etc.

As a result, if you work out for one hour on this elliptical, it could burn out as much as 850 calories. By the way, with its small size and low price, it is a perfect pick for your home and office gyms.

Notable Features

  • Low-impact Cardio Equipment: Being a low-impact machine, it is a perfect home cardio equipment for post-surgery rehabilitation and the patients with diabetes and cholesterol. The Allyson machine is, in fact, certified for cardiovascular workouts and the doctors recommend it for patients.
  • 2-in-1 Orbitrek: As you see, it is a 2-in-1 elliptical machine. You can use it for pedal workouts by sitting on its comfortable seat and do the rowing by standing on its pedals.

5. ASP Healthcare Pro-Fit Bike Upright Exercise Bike

It is the cheapest pick on our list of the best cardio equipment for small spaces. This Generic ASP machine is, in fact, a basic exercise bike with a pair of peddlers and a seating fixed on a solid metal frame. So, it has a very small footprint and is also an affordable choice for your basic cardio workouts.

Of course, with Pro-Fit bike, you get a piece of cool cardio equipment at a price that won’t put a hole in your pocket. It is also an easy-to-use machine that can be simply pedaled for a great cardio workout experience in your home. Use the link below to check out the latest price of the bike.

Though a basic fitness bike, it has got a display to let you track the data like workout time, calories, RPM, and more in real-time. Thus, it becomes an excellent way for anybody who looks to buy a cardio workout machine for home or office on a budget.

Well, thanks to its small footprint, you can place it anywhere in your office or room. Moreover, you can carry it to various locations quite easily as it has a compact and foldable design.

Notable Features

  • Cheapest Cardio Equipment: Of course, it is one of the cheapest pieces of cardio equipment in the Indian market. It costs just a fraction of an advanced spin bike. Hence, it becomes the right choice for beginners to home fitness as well as cardio workouts.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Apart from price, ASP Healthcare Pro-Fit Bike is also one of the most portable and lightweight cardio equipment out there. So, you can carry it anywhere without much hassle and continue with your cardio workouts wherever you head to.

6. Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike

Here is another best cardio equipment for small spaces. As you see, it is a foldable smart x-bike. It comes with a lot of state-of-the-art features and a foldable design, making it a brilliant cardio workout machine.

Notably, this bike is a nice choice for people with the back-pain as it could provide better lumbar support to easily place the body in the right position while cycling. At the same time, thanks to its small and foldable size, you can easily store it in a small room. Follow the button below to order a unit of the x-bike.

Of course, the Cockatoo fitness bike is known for many of its advanced features. First of all, you get it with a weighty 1.4KG flywheel, ensuring that you get a more fluid pedaling experience. Further, it features a two-way bearing system, which helps you cycle both forward and backward easily.

By the way, the included 5.5-inch display is another great attraction of the bike. That will help you perfectly track various cycling data such as speed, calories, distance, time, and etc.

Notable Features

  • Foldable Design: As you see, the lovely thing about the bike is its foldable design. You can neatly fold it to a small size, making it easy to store even in a closet. Its folded size goes just 13 x 21 x 53 in. So, for someone who looks for the best cardio equipment for limited space, it is the right pick.
  • Built-in Smart Calculator: Well, the Cockatoo smart bike features a measurement calculator. It will help you easily calculate various measurements, letting you tackle diet and manage workout plans.

7. Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel

A spin bike is certainly one of the best cardio equipment for small spaces. This Kobo product, as you see, is a very stylish, sturdy, and robust bike that you could try out in your home or office gym. There are indeed many things that make this Kobo bike unique from a regular one.

It has got some scientifically designed steel wheels, which could ensure you an ideal upper and lower body workout experience. That is why we have the Kobo spin bike as one of the best fitness equipment for your cardiovascular targets. Use the button below to check out its latest price and buy a unit.

Moreover, Kobo has made the spin bike as a cool choice for people with injuries on knee and joints. You could regulate the pressure of the bike so it would never take a toll on your knee. By the way, it equips a highly comfortable seat that is adjustable too. The bike works quite smoothly with no noise at all.

Apart from that, the Kobo bike features a heavy-duty metal frame to offer you more life and durability, of course. Thanks to its magnetic resistance technology, it offers you a much better performance compared to the regular spin bike. It can support a user weight of up to 120kg.

Notable Features 

  • Sturdy and Robust Design: Absolutely, the design is the unique selling point of the Kobo spin bike. It has got a very stylish, at the same time, sturdy profile, thanks to the heavy-duty metal frame. It will surely ensure you more life and durability.
  • Well-Engineered Steel Wheels: The next great thing with the Kobo bike is indeed its scientifically-designed wheels. They could help you achieve perfection in upper and lower body workouts.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the best cardio equipment for small spaces in your home or office. Fine, we have tried to include the best models from all the important types of home cardio equipment in India. At a gym, you might see many advanced and heavy-duty machines for cardio. But for homes and mini gyms, they are very expensive choices. Anyway, share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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